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Business In my field of work as a leadership/executive coach I am amazed at those within the leadership realm who are confronted at some level with being the ‘rockstar’ and what .es with that territory. You’d think given what it takes to be a ‘rockstar’ that it would be easy for a leader to own their gifts but I am here to tell you that there seems to be a ceiling people reach where they refrain from truly singing their own praises. Got me to thinking that it was time I spoke into 12 key attributes of what it means to be a ‘rockstar’ leader in your own organization. 1) Give yourself permission to acknowledge that you are the rockstar in your own organization, why because you have earnt it 2) Clearly articulate to all who will listen what you are good at, and why, be intentional to clearly portrait your point of difference 3) Repeatedly and proudly let people know what you are ac.plishing and be proud of it 4) Inspire people daily by the degree of action you take in the face of a workload that for most would send them into a tail spin 5) As the rockstar, you do not do everything! It takes something, does it not to pull off a rockstar performance each and every time and this can be diluted if metaphorically you are the one putting bums on seats and setting up the stage, as well as trying to be the Rockstar! Rockstars, do not do this! They just rock up on stage, pull off a rockstar performance and walk off stage – everything else is managed by their support team! Make sure you are delegating what does not belong to you and that you have a strong support team around you – I confess I am still learning this one 6) Do not allow the naysayers of this world to undermine who you are, they are out there! 7) Deal with whatever is in the way of you profoundly speaking your magnificence in to the world. We are not trained in our schooling system to big note ourselves – well here’s the deal, if rockstars don’t they will not survive the long haul! 8) Rockstars make a difference for the masses. Rockstars know what its taken to achieve what they have. I am not talking about being egoic to the detriment of oneself but I am talking about fully claiming the space of being extraordinary 9) You have earnt your stripes to be who you are and speak powerfully about what you have achieved. A leader knows this. A leader does not shy away from this responsibility 10) Every person you meet is your mini-manifestor. Each day I .municate who I am in the world and what I am doing and believe you me my ego is in check. That way when someone asks about what I am doing they relay the exact message I have relayed to them, that way the message gets out to more people and wahlah, a ground swell occurs and your name gets known in the marketplace 11) Hang out with other Rockstars! The world needs more Rockstars, given what it takes to be one! Who you associate with is a direct reflection on your self worth especially as a leader 12) NEVER shy away from the responsibility of what it means to be a Rockstar. You are visibly seem in the marketplace so how you show up is always judged, assessed and criticized, give no one the right to undermine your own trajectory – how do you do this you may ask? By living to a high degree of integrity with your own values and standards! Lifes too short to sell out to past based beliefs about yourself, that includes you, yes you the leader of your own .anization. Do the personal development work on yourself if you feel resistance on any of the above points! Otherwise you will not be a rockstar for long! I look forward to hearing your music from the rafters! The world needs more rockstars! Find your voice and never allow those who dream small to undermine your bigger vision! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: