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18 year old girl’s September pregnant belly sea shoot AV behind one exposure on original MIKU’s pregnant belly to shoot AV Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the number of Japanese AV actress like to beat out must be quite the river’s carp, desperately, behind there are many bitter tragic history, a 18 year old female MIKU (less the original construct on June) official debut, the most absorbing eye is not her sweet face, but she was 9 months pregnant belly sea film, beat all the way to the end of July, the work has never stopped, quite shocking. The original MIKU is sweet, only 158 cm of the petite figure, only 18 year old face also gives little childish, the well-known AV Master sword you 6 days in spring and Autumn "PLAY NO.1" issued, she’s 9 months to take a slice of the stomach, and even staged 6P debut works by drama, which has to produce or to get correct, lets the audience look nervous. Until the end of July, the original MIKU gave birth to a baby girl, rest for 2 months in September after the official comeback film, and drying out many Lingerie Photos on twitter, although seemingly has recovered and slender body, but my stomach still see some loose, debuted in the works mentioned, she is a poor girl, because there is no work with pregnancy, in order to earn milk money to play when the AV actress, so many fans lament. ETtoday (the commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: