24 year old female white-collar workers were robbed of brain dead parents donated her organs (video)-boee

24 year old female white-collar workers were robbed of brain death parents donated her organs in Shanghai 24 year old female white-collar workers were robbed of brain death tearful parents donated her organs in September 6th, only 24 year old white-collar Xiao Ding in Changning District Fuquan road company to work, take the subway back to Zhoupu residence when the gunman robbery, was abandoned in the sparsely populated channel, was found 30 hours after the incident. Because the brain has long time hypoxia, although the rescue, sadly, Ding was confirmed as brain death, has not regained the possible. The rescue after 4 days in the ICU, Ding father for her daughter decided to donate her daughter’s organs! He took the initiative to contact the doctor, and recording as evidence, hope that her daughter’s organs continue to help others. The day before yesterday morning, after a brief farewell ceremony, Yan Chai Hospital doctors with a deep respect for Ding of organ donation. The recording, Ding said: "my father as Ding’s father, originally we said that organ donation is a bit sensitive, a little opposition, now see my daughter a little hope rescue is not, I would like to donate her organs, and as a continuation. Now she this situation, I as parents, can not bear to see her so pain still bed, I don’t want to let her mother so painful." This is the year of Renji Hospital forty-first cases of organ donation. According to Yan Chai Hospital Organ Donation coordinator doctor Chen Xiaosong introduced this year, Shanghai has 98 cases of organ donation, most have been confirmed as brain death. The cause of brain death generally has three kinds: one kind is trauma, such as fall accident; a cerebral hemorrhage, the two accounted for about 60% of the remaining few is due to asphyxia brain death, Ding belongs to this kind of situation. "But this number compared with the patients waiting for organ transplants is far from enough. At present, Renji Hospital every ten cases of potential donors in a case of donation only achievement. The Yan Chai Hospital waiting for a kidney transplant patients about 1000 people, and constantly increasing, who agreed to donate the average waiting time is 3." Chen Xiaosong said: "to achieve the donation, restricted by many objective conditions, in addition to ideas, and the condition, the quality of organs etc.. In the actual operation, if a person to register for organ donation, but the immediate family as long as a person does not agree, you cannot donate." As of June 28th, Shanghai breakthrough 200 cases of organ donation. Shanghai City, the Red Cross said the Shanghai donation rate as five ppm, is 2.5 times the national average million population donation rate.

24岁女白领遭抢劫脑死亡 父母捐献女儿器官 上海24岁女白领遭抢劫脑死亡 父母含泪捐献女儿器官 9月6日,年仅24岁的白领小丁从位于长宁区福泉路的公司下班,坐地铁回到周浦住地时遭遇歹徒抢劫,被弃于人员稀少的通道内,被发现时已经是案发后30小时。由于脑部曾长时间缺氧,虽经全力抢救,令人惋惜的是,小丁被确认为脑死亡,已经没有苏醒的可能了。在重症监护室抢救了4天后,小丁父亲替女儿作出了决定:捐献女儿的器官!他主动和医生联系上,并以录音作为凭证,希望女儿的器官延续下去,帮助他人。前天上午,经过简短的告别仪式后,仁济医院的医生怀着深深的敬意,对小丁进行了器官捐献。录音中,小丁父亲坦言:“我作为小丁的父亲,原来我们说到器官捐献,也有一点敏感,有一点反对,现在看到我女儿抢救一点希望也没有了,我,愿意把她的器官捐出去,作为一个延续吧。现在她这种状况,我作为父母,也不忍心看到她还在病床上那么痛苦,我也不想让她妈妈那么痛苦。”这是仁济医院今年第41例器官捐献。据仁济医院器官捐献协调师陈小松医生介绍,上海今年有98例器官捐献,大部分都被确认为脑死亡。导致脑死亡的原因大致有三种:一种是外伤,比如坠楼等事故;一种是脑出血,这两种占比约60%,剩下不多见的就是窒息导致的脑死亡,小丁就属于这一种情况。“但是这个数字相对于等待器官移植的患者却是远远不够的。目前仁济医院每十例潜在捐献者中大概只能成就一例捐献。而仁济医院等待肾移植的患者约有1000人,并在不断增加,获捐者平均等待时间为3年。”陈小松说:“要实现捐献,有很多客观条件的制约,除了思想观念,还有病情、器官的质量等。现实操作中,如果一个人自己登记捐献器官,但直系亲属中只要有一个人不同意,就不能捐献。”截至6月28日,上海器官捐献突破200例。上海市红十字会透露,上海器官捐献率为百万分之五,是全国平均百万人口捐献率的2.5倍。相关的主题文章: