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26 years after eating puffer officially lifted the first open 2 varieties – Sohu news a restaurant chef in the slaughter of Fugu reporter Hao Yi photography (reporter Zhang Xiaomei) recently, the general office of the Ministry of agriculture and the State Food and Drug Administration jointly issued the "notice on the conditional release farming Takifugu rubripes and breeding takifugufasciatus processing business" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), which means that since 1990 from the market of puffer (Fugu) can have the condition of "legalization" eating. This ban lifted the introduction of the road is not easy, to participate in the drafting of the said 15 years. Beijing Youth Daily reporter yesterday visited a business 4 years of Fugu restaurant, "legal" after the restaurant’s traffic into two or three times growth. The "Circular" pointed out that the processing operation of first conditional release farming Takifugu rubripes and breeding of fuguobscurus two varieties of products. Participate in the drafting of the notice of the Chinese Fisheries Association said that the common puffer along the coast of China, there are more than 40 species, the two species are farmed for the longest time, poison control breeding technology and export of the domestic market for most of two varieties of mature. The Ministry of agriculture since 1993 on the establishment of the safe utilization of puffer fish group "to conduct the research, the results show that the toxicity of farmed puffer was significantly reduced, and after non-toxic processing, food safety. The pilot mature, and then consider the gradual liberalization of other cultivated puffer varieties, or relax products market conditions. Cultured pufferfish shall be subject to the processing of agricultural products processing enterprises have the conditions before the sale, that is to say, directly into the hands of consumers of fresh puffer fish cannot, must be processed by the processing enterprises. Due to special reasons may contain toxic puffer products, in order to ensure the safety of consumers, to implement a filing system for processing enterprises. The examination record very strict conditions shall be filed with the Ministry of Agriculture: private farming puffer fish source base; there must be puffer production equipment and technical personnel, have the ability to distinguish professional puffer varieties, master the puffer safety processing technology; to establish product quality and safety traceability system and improve the health management system. Therefore, any enterprise can not breed Fugu puffer, processing, must be approved by the assessment of experts Chinese Fisheries Association and China aquatic products processing and Marketing Association, and for publicity in the Ministry of agriculture, in order to obtain the production license. Processing enterprises puffer should be derived from the Ministry of agriculture for the record source base of puffer fish. Chinese Fisheries Association to carry out the work of filing the 2016 breeding of puffer fish source base in recent days, a total of 16 cultured puffer fish source base Dalian Tianzheng 12 units to meet the requirements. Is this the end of the month, the first batch of 16 cultured puffer fish production source base will officially have processed puffer fish in circulation in the market qualification. "Notice" also clearly pointed out that the unprocessed whole puffer fish, prohibit the processing operation of all varieties of pufferfish. In order to reduce the above risks, the Chinese aquatic products circulation and processing association requirements, the establishment of a product traceability system, through the two-dimensional code, such as tracking management, and strictly implement the purchase inspection and cable. The sale of wild puffer fish in enterprises.相关的主题文章: