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4 bus lines serving Jingmen Juzhan interval is 20 minutes "Twelfth China Chrysanthemum Exhibition bus protection scheme" before the date of introduction, Juzhan period, the city will be opened Juzhan bus line service Juzhan, and by increasing the frequency, extension line encryption vehicles, etc., to increase the number of public buses to ensure that people live Juzhan, view for display no worries. Opened by the Cultural Palace Baiyun Avenue to the botanical garden bus lines, put into operation 6 buses, the opening ceremony of the 3 day, every Saturday on Sunday, running vehicles of the station, the other time to run the vehicle 5. The entire line of about 10 km, point to point operation, no station halfway, running time of about 35 minutes, the vehicle running time interval of 20 minutes. 6 road, 56 bus, additional Peigong Avenue botanical garden site, encryption of 16 bus lines, so that security Swan square and urban residents to show the Juzhan duodao. 6 bus operating range for the Swan square to Macheng, and now the bus, via the public road, the botanical garden is built, in addition to the Botanical Garden Station Road, near the Park Avenue, convenient bus stop in the vicinity of 17. The 16 bus running interval to Swan square leather set, only 3 of the original car, Juzhan increased during 2, 2 New Taiwan only run Swan square to the botanical garden interval. As a result, the Swan square to the botanical garden bus up to 22 units, to ensure that 8-10 minutes. 56 bus to Duodao link, existing running vehicles 12. Juzhan during the running line in the Peigong Avenue South to Peigong Avenue and Shenzhen Avenue at the crossroads, and the addition of botanical garden site, which is convenient to the public show. According to estimates, during Juzhan, 4 bus routes, 40 bus service Juzhan, ensure daily runs 300 times a second, the carrying capacity of 40000 passengers. It is worth noting that the Juzhan period, according to the current bus fare charged. Three days ago, the eastern end of Shenzhen Avenue Juzhan, Peigong Avenue (Peigong Avenue and Longjing Avenue intersection to Peigong Avenue and the Baishipo Avenue intersection) will implement traffic control, prohibit the bus pass this way, the four bus in the botanical garden near the line and stop by the station will adjust Juzhan line the bus will stop at the exit at Peigong Avenue botanical garden, the other time docked at the entrance to the botanical garden near the botanical garden platform. Traffic control during the 16 bus, 6 bus will stop off at the Baishipo road east. 56 road traffic control during line extension in Peigong Avenue and Longjing Avenue intersection on Longjing Avenue, visitors in Longjing Avenue North on. Sweep code big Chu Jingmen, see more exciting content!相关的主题文章: