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Security An SSL Certificate is necessary to protect websites and enable them for data security. However, there are different types of SSL Certificates and the website owners often are unsure of the type of certificate they need for their online security needs. Here are five different SSL Certificates which usually fit into the requirements of most of the web bearers. Choose any one of these that offers you an optimal web security within the budget you can afford. EV SSL Certificate An EV SSL Certificate (Extended Validation SSL Certificate) is more than just a transaction protector. Apart from creating secure transactions, it also reassures visitors about the business a site conducts. If you are using an EV SSL Certificate, your website displays a green URL. This assures customers that the site is verified to be genuinely of the owner who claims to own it and hence could be trusted and relied upon. Instant SSL Certificate An Instant SSL Certificate is one of the most cost-effective fast-installed SSL Certificate to secure a webserver. Customers could be assured about a .plete security of the transaction data till it reaches the intended webserver. Essential SSL Certificate An Essential SSL Certificate is highly trusted in the industry as a quick, reliable solution for web security. It can be of significant value to you if you are an e-merchant as it secures E-.merce sites in no time. Wildcard SSL Certificate A Wildcard SSL Certificate can help you if you want to secure your multiple sub-domains over multiple servers all by one single certificate. It saves you time and money over buying and managing of individual certificates for every sub-domain. Code Signing Certificate A Code Signing Certificate facilitates the protection of software code and content for the software publishers and the users downloading it. It typically allows the software developers to include their digital signatures and information with the software. Due to this, customers purchasing the software online get assured of its genuine source and an unaltered code. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: