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Business Over time the serial switch has evolved from plain manual device to a sophisticated technical equipment that can handle management of bigger networks. Sharing of the serial devices between multiple users can be accomplished by using the most simple switches. At the complex end there are switches that IT professionals use to remotely manage several serial devices using single workstation. For home users a cheaper manual switch is sufficient. Not difficult to install it is an A/B switch. It can be used for sharing two computers with a serial device or join many devices with a single computer. Each computer’s serial cable is connected through a port that is placed behind on the switch. Then the input-output port of the switch gets connected with the shared device. With the help of this sharing of the device, the task of connecting and disconnecting the cable is eliminated. This means users get the freedom and access to share resources. The cost is significantly reduced with the elimination of the requirement to establish a home network. The need to connect several serial devices with a single computer requires connecting the computer to the input-output port. While through other two ports the serial devices are connected. For workplaces, like factory floor or retail stores, a different type of serial switch is required. Here connecting and networking of computers can be done using a server. At workplace an Ethernet port having a switch is installed to allow shared access to devices like time attendance and card readers. After this remote collection of data can be done using these devices while having a secured server all the time. This method can also be used for the management of a website through a VPN. In this, devices can be connected locally with a serial switch allowing the users to share and remotely collect the data. Serial switch’s more advanced versions include a sophisticated auto-sensing one. This one is able to manage several devices at the same time. With this IT managers get to control and monitor different types of devices that include servers having different operating system, firewalls and routers. Using a single central station remote management of users workstations can be done easily. These switches come with software that allows IT managers to set up them at a big level for giving network security. Not only this but even remote restoration of network connection can be done using an internal modem. With the help of web based interface, data and screen configuration can be done using ssh or telenet. Devices are also available for controlling non serial hardware. To allow sharing of a printer between computers, installation of a parallel port is required. Connection of a single computer with several printers can also be done this way. A single keyboard, mouse or monitor sharing with many computers is done with a KVM switch. Audio can also be shared with some of the KVM switches. For making one port to accept multiple inputs there are expandable USB hubs. One USB device’s access by many users can be achieved with a USB sharing hub. These serial switches can be ordered easily over the internet or purchased at the local computer stores. For sharing of the devices solutions already exist. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: