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Crafts-Hobbies The Kangaroo, (scientifically classified under the genus Macro), is highly regarded as the official animal icon for Australia as, along with the bird emu, it appears in the country’s coat of arms. The kangaroo and the emu, so many Aussies say, are representative of Australia because these animals can only move forward thus epitomizing the nation’s drive to ever step ahead. The kangaroo was further immortalized as a countrywide icon in 1993 when The Royal Mint of Australia, RAM, started to mint a coin in its respect : the Australian Silver Kangaroo. Because of its potential natural worth, this RAM mintage would be an enriching addition to any coin collection. This RAM mintage would be an enriching addition to any coin collection because of its potential intrinsic value. The Australian Silver Kangaroo is an epitome of the high quality of RAM minted coins, world-renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship and design. Investing in this coin could serve as a hedge against inflation owing to the popularity it has acquired, which was bolstered to a great extent 1-oz. silver makeup. This single-ounce concept has proven convenient and effective for trade and purchase purposes, the liquidity aspect characteristically sought by most astute investors. Early coin editions are highly sought, particularly those of the 1998 vintage. Limited minting by the RAM is what makes the Australian Silver Kangaroo a very attractive investment proposition. In 2007, for instance, RAM minted just 15,000 of this coin bullion. The design of the coin, which varies each year, has also been elegantly rendered for that year. It proudly displays the highly recognizable kangaroo engraving back-dropped against the constellation of the Southern Cross. Rounding out these distinctive features is the coin’s diameter of 40.6 mm and thickness of 4 mm. Face value of this coin is at 1 Australian dollar, just a mere fraction of the intrinsic value that this silver bullion coin enjoys among collectors and investors all over the world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: