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Hair-Loss Women, you now have an excuse to party harder. One of the top brands has launched a topical hair regrowth treatment that promises to restore your crowning glory. Keranique Intensive Scalp System has gathered massive positive feedback from users. This system has, in fact, created a storm in the market. According to users, it works wonders. What is this treatment all about? This is an 8-day intensive scalp treatment that helps to stimulate your sluggish or stunted hair growth cycle. The treatment comprises 8 vials of hair serum. You must apply one vial each for 8 consecutive days to get the desired results. "Wash hair with Keranique"s Revitalizing Shampoo "Dry hair till they are just slightly damp "Take a vial of hair serum and apply it directly on scalp "Massage gently with finger tips for complete absorption "Do not rinse "Style your hair as you wish "Continue with your daily routine The serum will work on your hair as you go about doing your daily life activities. Make sure you apply the serum continuously for 8 days with no gaps in between. According to experts, you can perform this treatment once in 6-7 months. In case of severe hair loss, do it once a month. Getting to the root Hair experts believe that the root cause of hair problems lies in the root of hair, of course! To keep hair roots healthy, you must keep your scalp healthy. Years of using sulfate-laden hair products leads to product buildup on the scalp. This may block follicles and disrupt normal hair growth cycle. Now that your hair has started falling, experts advise women to immediately stop using these harsh hair products. Switch to sulfate-free hair products. The good news is that they are suitable for color treated hair too. It is found that regular use of sulfate-free shampoo helps to eliminate product buildup from the scalp. This helps to open up follicles and let the nourishing elements present in shampoo get absorbed better. Such natural-based hair products help to stimulate newer hair growth. The best thing about scientific brands like Keranique is that they offer a 30-day, risk free trial of its selected products like shampoo and conditioner. This helps you try the product before you invest money in it. You can easily order the trial bottle online and get it delivered at your doorstep. You will have to pay a small shipping and processing fee. Did you know this trial offer comes with a bottom of the jar Keranique products guarantee? This is a unique opportunity to try a luxurious, scientifically-advanced product on your hair without spending too much on it. According to users, 30 days is enough time to see how the product works on your hair. This helps you make a good decision. Isn"t this reason enough for you to rejoice? Your hair beauty and health are now in your hands. You can either choose to continue living with damaged hair, or choose to revamp your product collection and improve your hair quality and volume. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: