and genealogy shows the Great Dane as having been an heir of both the Greyhound and the Mastiff. Oddly enough 广维吧

UnCategorized Ever watch someone walk a Great Dane down the street? Who’s walking who – is what I always think! Labeled the "Apollo of the Dog World", the ancestors of this remarkable breed can be traced to as early as the Fourth Dynasty. During the Middle Ages, Dane-like dogs were exhibited as fighters, warriors, and even performed in the Roman circuses. They eventually became outstanding hunters and were established as the best wild boar hunters of their time. All living things must have a beginning, and genealogy shows the Great Dane as having been an heir of both the Greyhound and the Mastiff. Oddly enough, Denmark cannot rightfully boast of being the original home of the present-day Great Dane, although his name must take the credit for the evolvement of the Dane of today. The women of Germany are to be credited with having salvaged and protected the breed during the ravages of two world wars. In spite of his tremendous size, the Great Dane is not by nature an aggressive dog. Along with his elegant features, proud bearing, beautiful and noble appearance, he is a friendly, lovable, and dependable dog of superior intelligence. Although notoriously gentle and easy to control, this remarkable dog is certainly not for just anyone. Correct nutrition for the Great Dane is expensive. Proper attention to the exercise requirements is a must if the dog is to maintain his happy, secure and dependable demeanor. A person intent upon owning this noble creature should be prepared to bear the costs associated with proper feeding and have ample space for daily exercise requirements. A can of dog food and a daily walk around the bock is not considered sufficient from the Great Dane’s point of view. Few who have owned a Great Dane could ever be satisfied with anything less. The devotion and unswerving loyalty demonstrated by this breed would be difficult to duplicate. The requirement of feeding and exercise is considered a small price to pay in return for the companionship of this dog. This large prize – the Great Dane – comes in several distinct wrappers. Solid black, blue, harlequin, brindle, and fawn. The head of the Dane displays remarkable length and strength. The length should vary with the height of the dog, but on an average, it is 13 inches from the tip of his nose to the rear skull, for a dog averaging 32 inches from ground to shoulder. The neck is long, slightly arched and well set into the shoulders. The body is extremely muscular, and demonstrates the great strength and galloping power which he possesses. They are not by nature an aggressive dog and are less inclined to fight than other breeds. This docile characteristic is not an inhibiting factor when it comes to guard and protective instincts. He has proved to be a most effective watchdog and protector. Few thieves bent on burglary would dare venture onto any property being protected by the massive Great Dane. In spite of their size, the Great Dane can be considered as one of the most gentle and sentimental of all breeds. They love attention, and they love to play, making outstanding pets for children. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: