Real-Estate Karol Bagh comprises with residential and commercial property both 西北大学就业网

Real-Estate Karol Bagh comprises with residential and commercial property both, which preferably knows for its shopping streets, like the Ghaffar Market, karol bag market and Ajmal Khan Road, Arya Samaj Road, Bank Street etc. The Asias biggest market Karol bagh which knows for its stylish and trendy cloths is one of the oldest and the most famous and flourishing shopping centers in Delhi. The market offers varieties of goods, clothes, cosmetics accessories etc. From the big air-conditioned showrooms to the small and dainty shops are available in the markets for every kind of people. The whole market has been sub-divided into various roads, streets and markets, each specializing in a particular field. The neighbor areas like Ajmal Khan Road in Karol Bagh once specialized in inexpensive ready-made garments, cotton yarn and embroidered garments. However now, this road boasts of big fancy stores and international labels also. Shopping in Karol Bagh, Delhi is incomplete if you haven’t been to the Ghaffar Market. There is not a single imported product in India that is not available here. From cosmetics to watches to cell phones to footwear, you will get anything and everything here. Arya samaj road is one of the best places to buy second hand books in Delhi whether Bank Street in Karol Bagh is known for its numerous Jewelry shops. These shops specialize in jewelry for the bridal trousseau. Ghaffar Market is famous for the other items like furniture and furnishings, carpets fashion accessories and a lot of other items are available in this outstanding market. Due to a major hub of shopping varieties of real estate investors including NRIs, foreigners are attentively moving towards Karol bag for commercial and residential space here. Moreover Govt. is also making Karol bag is situated in the mid of Rajender Nager, Rajender Place, Prasad Nagar, Patel Nagar. Hence the location have surrounded from various reputed schools, colleges, hospitals, small to 5 stars hotels and world famous 108 feet hanuman statue. Karol Bagh is situated at a distance of 20 22 km. from the Indira Gandhi International Airport, and is serviced by the Karol Bagh station, located on the Blue Line of the Delhi Metro. Road and transport connectivity is helping to increase the price of property here. The above available facilities and services are continuously attracting the investors to buy property in the area. Hence the property prices in the area is gradually up-lifting day-by-day. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: