XMM for narrowband NB-IoT networking equipment. 北京金融学院

Intel released a variety of baseband announced 5G industry cooperation – Sohu digital MWC 2016 conference, Intel released a variety of baseband products, and announced a wide range of 5G industry cooperation. The baseband side is the flagship of the "XMM 7480", including 748 X-GOLD baseband chip, 6Tc transceiver, SMARTi 6T Amp Track 748 packet trace components, support GSM, GPRS, EDGE TD-SCDMA, DC-HSPA+ LTE-A, FDD TDD and other network standard, and supports four carrier aggregation, TDD combined with FDD carrier aggregation, also support up to 33 band, EVS, dual sim card. XMM 7480 download speed up to support LTE Cat.9 450Mbps, and now the XMM 7360 is exactly the same, only equivalent to Qualcomm Xiaolong 810808 inside X10 LTE, but upload speed increased to LTE Cat.13 150Mbps, equivalent to Qualcomm Xiaolong 820 inside X12 LTE. XMM 7480 will be sent in the second half of this year. At present looks like Samsung and Qualcomm, MediaTek, Spreadtrum, HUAWEI, etc. competition pressure is still very high ah, do 1Gbps download.   other also released some of the baseband   x3-M7272: Atom: for the automotive market, to support the security function of firewall, packet detection etc..   7115: XMM for narrowband NB-IoT networking equipment.   XMM 7315: integrated application processor and LTE baseband SoC, Cat.M, NB-IoT also supports LTE two standard.   XMM 6225M:3G baseband.   XMM 7120M: machine to machine design, including monitoring, industrial automation, intelligent instrument etc.. In addition, the cooperation on Intel 5G is quite extensive: Ericsson and Ericsson provide 5G solutions for operators, participate in the audit process, and implement the existing network transformation of hi. 5G test with Korea KT in 2018. Specifying and developing the next generation 5G remote information processing technology for vehicles with LG electronics. – working with NOKIA on 5G radio technology standards and networks to provide interoperability between early 5G users and wireless infrastructure. – and Korea SK Telecom cooperation in 5G technology research and development, mainly concentrated in the 5GHz LAA auxiliary authorization access part. Cooperate with Verizon on millimeter wave. Intel发布多款基带 宣布5G行业合作-搜狐数码  MWC 2016大会上,Intel发布了多款基带产品, 并宣布了广泛的5G行业合作。   基带方面主打的是“XMM 7480”,包括X-GOLD 748基带芯片、SMARTi 6T 6Tc收发器、Amp Track 748封包追踪等组成,支持GSM、GPRS EDGE、TD-SCDMA、DC-HSPA+、LTE-A FDD TDD等各种网络制式,并支持四载波聚合、FDD TDD联合载波聚合,还支持多达33个频段、EVS、双卡双待。   XMM 7480下载速度最高支持到LTE Cat.9 450Mbps,和现在的XMM 7360完全相同,只相当于高通骁龙810 808里边的X10 LTE,不过上传速度提升到了LTE Cat.13 150Mbps,相当于高通骁龙820里边的X12 LTE。   XMM 7480将在今年下半年送样。目前看起来想和高通、三星、联发科、华为、展讯等竞争压力还是很大啊,高通都做到1Gbps下载了。    其他同时发布的一些基带:   - Atom x3-M7272:面向汽车市场,支持防火墙、封包检测等安全功能。   - XMM 7115:面向窄带物联网NB-IoT设备。   - XMM 7315:整合应用处理器与LTE基带的SoC,同时支持LTE Cat.M、NB-IoT两种标准。   - XMM 6225M:3G基带。   - XMM 7120M:为机器对机器设计的,包括监控、工业自动化、智能仪表等。   另外,Intel 5G上合作是相当广泛的:   - 与爱立信为运营商提供5G解决方案,参与审核过程,执行hi现有网络转型。   - 与韩国KT 2018年进行5G测试。   - 与LG电子指定和研发下一代车用5G远程信息处理技术。   - 与诺基亚在5G无线电技术标准和网络上合作,提供早期5G用户和无线基础设施之间的互操作性。   - 与韩国SK Telecom在5G技术研发与验证上合作,主要集中在5GHz LAA辅助授权接入部分。   - 与Verizon在毫米波上合作。相关的主题文章: