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The property market "good junction plate" financial Sohu – Guangzhou daily news (reporter Lin Lin) down payment to reduce the proportion of new deal released to celebrate the year of the closure of a large market "profitable", the market is expected to follow the policy will continue to come in after the spring festival. Reporters learned that the impact of the new deal on the secondary market in Guangzhou is not large, and the junction of Guangfo and other sectors by more "Guangzhou passengers" attention. There is a view that the down payment of Guangzhou’s neighboring plates still has the possibility of continued downward adjustment. "New deal is beneficial to the overall market, but not necessarily to the region."." Some market participants believe that the "near Foshan" and seize the opportunity, but also to Guangzhou customers away." Other policies may also come in succession, because the country in addition to inventory pressure, the environment and the stock market will affect the buyer’s intention to enter the market, the new deal may bring greater confidence to buyers." Centaline project department general manager Huang Tao believes that the new release was expected, but the new deal for some of the less developed market of non purchase city is not necessarily a good thing, because the price is still not stable enough, but on the other hand, the new deal has almost no effect on the Guangzhou market, but for some border areas such as Zengcheng and Dongguan at the junction and the junction plate a chance. Soufangwang Guangzhou second-hand housing market business department director Luo Laiping believes that the new deal prompted more buyers into the Foshan conference in Guangzhou, especially in Guangzhou, buyers just need to work in the urban areas will be more popular in Foshan, will promote the Foshan property market in 2016 than last year more active. Buyers Miss Sun said to him, Foshan Nanhai subway connecting Guangzhou and Foshan, travel more convenient, life support is also relatively perfect. Purchase strategy: the limited funds should be cautious buyers turn away in Luo Laiping, Foshan "grab" impact on the property market in Guangzhou co.. Although Foshan is also a well developed city, the advantages of the central city of Guangzhou are incomparable to the surrounding areas and surrounding cities. Especially in education, education advantages are still concentrated in Yuexiu, Liwan, Tianhe and other areas. Therefore, although Yuexiu, Liwan and other old city housing is relatively old, housing prices are relatively high, but because of educational support and life supporting advantages, still make many buyers rush. Market participants believe that not limited to buy the city’s first suite down payment adjustment, is expected to Guangfo border, such as Jinshazhou, and Foshan property market has some stimulation, but the role will not last year when the purchase of deregulation obvious. Guangfo Metro along the 10 thousand yuan square meters of real estate, Guangzhou has always been the price depression, the down payment adjustment for buyers just need to save money again, the short-term will stimulate the tight capital of those people into the market. From the price aspect, Foshan last May after the purchase of deregulation, in the junction plate "shopping spree" multi Guangzhou passengers, the average selling price rose slightly, the continued good policy, Foshan in the first half of the price is expected to have 3%~5% upgrade. However, some investors told reporters, even if the surrounding plate prices, policy changes, they are only willing to leave money to the Guangzhou market, "limited funds will be invested in " blade " on the top."." Author: Lin Lin, source, Guangzhou daily)

楼市新政利好“交界板块”-搜狐财经   广州日报讯  (记者林琳)首付比例减少的新政发布给喜迎猴年的市场封了一个大“利市”,市场预计后续政策还将在春节后陆续到来。记者了解到,新政对广州二手市场的影响并不大,而广佛交界等板块受到更多“广州客”的关注。有观点认为,广州周边板块的首付还存在继续下调的可能。  “新政对整体市场固然有利,但具体到区域就未必了。”有市场人士认为,“临近的佛山又抢占先机了,又要把广州客户拉走了。”  “其他政策还可能陆续有来,因为全国除了去库存压力外,大环境和股市影响买家的入市意愿,新政可能给买家带来更大的信心。”中原地产项目部总经理黄韬认为,新政发布在意料之中,但新政对于一些欠发达市场的非限购城市未必是好事,因为其楼价还不够稳定,而另一方面新政对广州市场几乎没有影响,反倒对于某些交界地段如广佛交界及增城与东莞交界板块更有机会。  搜房网广州二手房电商市场部总监罗来平认为,新政的发布会促使更多广州买家流入佛山,尤其是在广州市区工作的刚需买家将更加青睐佛山,会促使佛山楼市在2016年比去年更加活跃。买家孙小姐就向他表示,佛山南海有地铁连接广州佛山两地,出行比较方便,生活配套也比较完善。  购房攻略:  资金有限的买家 舍近求远须慎重  罗来平认为,佛山“抢客”对广州楼市的影响有限。虽然佛山也是发展完善的城市,但广州中心城区的优势是周边区域及周边城市不能比拟的。尤其是教育配套上,教育优势仍然集中在越秀、荔湾、天河等区。因此,虽然越秀、荔湾等老城区房源比较旧,房价也比较高,但因为教育配套和生活配套的优势,仍然令众多买家趋之若鹜。  市场人士认为,不限购城市首套房首付调整,预计将对广佛交界如金沙洲等以及佛山楼市有一定刺激,但作用将不会有去年其限购松绑时的明显。广佛地铁沿线1万元 平方米出头的楼盘,对广州来说始终是价格洼地,此次首付调整对刚需买家来说又能再节省一笔开支,短期仍会刺激资金较紧的那部分人入市。  从价格方面看,去年5月佛山限购松绑后,在广佛交界盘“扫货”的多是广州客,销售均价小幅上升,政策持续利好的话,上半年佛山价格预计有3%~5%的提升。  不过,也有投资者告诉记者,即使周边的板块价格、政策有变动,他们还是只愿意把钱留到广州市场,“有限的资金就要投在"刀刃"上。”  作者:林琳来源广州日报)相关的主题文章: