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IMF urges G20 to take bold action to weather the global economic downturn MF released a report on global economic prospects in Shanghai before the G20 meeting, G20 countries should agree to increase coordination of government spending in order to defuse the risk of accelerated decline in the global economy, the recent market turmoil and rich countries produce depression may force IMF to further cut global growth expectations. IMF reported Wednesday that the main risks to the global economy including developed countries continued to market shocks, slow economic development, Chinese tightening financial conditions in emerging markets faster than expected, and a further decline in oil prices. Report, G20 countries should now plan coordination needs support, through the available fiscal space to increase public investment and support structural reforms, and mandatory economic growth strategy has been completed G20. In addition, there is still room for the introduction of a new strategy that conforms to the principle of successful reform and helps stimulate output growth. This week the OECD (OECD) call echoes. Last week, OECD appealed to the United States, Europe and other countries to take collective action to increase investment spending, and to launch new stimulus for the already alarming economic growth. However, the "Wall Street journal" said the proposal of IMF may be in the G20 meeting is thwarted, because Germany has been in the United States, IMF and multinational government called on its long-term expansion of public spending to boost the euro zone economy showed reluctance. This week will be held at the G20 meeting in Shanghai has been used and the economic crisis in 2009 when the London meeting G20 compared, but U.S. Treasury Secretary before the speech has been introduced to reduce the G20 meeting emergency strategy expected. U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack told Bloomberg Television this week that the G20 summit will not make a global effort to calm the financial markets. He said that the global economy is better than imagined, "will not respond to crisis in a non crisis environment."." The IMF report also suggests that recent market turbulence and the depressed output of rich countries may force IMF to further reduce global growth expectations. In January, IMF had cut global economic growth this year to 3.4%, just slightly higher than last year’s 3.1%. The index of technical global recession is only 0.4 percentage points higher than the IMF economists’ technical global recession. At present, the global economic growth rate is 0.5 percentage points lower than that predicted by IMF two years ago. Two years ago, G20 reached in 5 years to promote global economic growth of 2 percentage points in the plan, and put forward through a series of infrastructure investment and economic reforms to boost output to. IMF estimates that less than half of the key measures to be carried out completely, and most of the other strategy although was named "ongoing", actually still faces many execution risk. The IMF report also called on developed countries to rely less on monetary policy and the fiscal policy, emerging market countries should adopt a flexible exchange rate system in the case, and the foreign exchange intervention should only be temporary strategy. As far as the region is concerned, IMF believes that the Fed’s interest rate increase should be based on the theory of clarity

IMF敦促G20采取大胆行动抵御全球经济下滑   MF在上海G20会议前发布关于全球经济前景报告称,G20国家应当同意协调性上调政府开支以化解全球经济加速下滑的风险,而近期市场动荡和富裕国家产出萧条可能会迫使IMF进一步下调全球增长预期。   IMF周三报告认为,全球经济的主要风险包括发达国家持续的市场震荡,新兴市场金融状况收紧、中国经济发展放缓的速度超过预期,以及油价的进一步下跌。   报告提出,G20国家现在就应当计划协调性需求支持,通过可用的财政空间增加公共投资和支持结构性改革,并强制性完成已有的G20经济增长策略。另外,在已达成一致的策略上仍有空间可以引入符合成功改革原则、有助刺激产出增长的新策略。   这和上周世界经合组织(OECD)的呼吁遥相呼应。上周,OECD呼吁美国、欧洲以及其他国家采取集体行动来增加投资开支,为已然预警的经济增长传导新刺激。   不过,《华尔街日报》称IMF的这项提议恐将在G20会议上遭受阻碍,因为德国已经在美国、IMF和多国政府长期呼吁其扩大公共开支来提振欧元区经济上表现出不情愿。   本周将在上海举行的G20会议已经被拿来和2009年经济危机时召开的伦敦G20会议相比较,但是美国财长日前讲话已经降低了对本次G20峰会出台紧急策略的预期。   美国财长杰克卢本周则在彭博电视上暗示G20峰会上不会就平息金融市场震荡作出全球性努力。他称,全球经济比想象中得要好,“不会在非危机性环境作出危机回应。”   IMF报告还表示近期市场动荡和富裕国家产出萧条可能会迫使IMF进一步下调全球增长预期。今年1月时,IMF已将今年全球经济增长下调至3.4%,这一数据仅仅略高于去年的3.1%。较IMF经济学家的技术性全球经济衰退的指标数据仅高出0.4个百分点。目前,全球经济增长速度较IMF两年前的预测低0.5个百分点。   两年前,G20达成在5年内推动全球经济增长2个百分点的计划,并提出要通过一系列基础建设投资、经济改革来达到提振产出的目的。IMF评估称,只有不足一半的关键措施被完全执行,而其他大多数策略虽然被评为“正在实行”,实际上仍面临诸多执行风险。   IMF报告还呼吁发达国家要少依赖货币政策而多采用财政政策,新兴市场国家应当在可以的情况下采用灵活汇率制度,且对外汇干预仅应当时临时性策略。   就地区而言,IMF认为美联储的加息行动应当基于有清楚证据显示经济面临薪资或价格压力;欧洲央行应当继续释放信号显示其会采用任何可行的政策工具,而日本则应当通过财政、结构以及薪资政策来支持该国推行的负利率。中国政府应当确保就其汇率政策保持清楚的沟通,并应接受经济再平衡中与之相一致的增长适度放缓。   报告还呼吁国际社会考虑政策创新支持难民危机中的核心国家,非经济震荡可能会产生严重的溢出效应。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: