Crude oil prices continued to decline as oil producing countries failed to agree to yield reductions 鞭长莫及的意思

Crude oil futures continued to decline, oil prices continued to fall, Huitong network February 3rd hearing – Wednesday (February 3rd) Asian market early, international oil prices continue to fall. NYMEX crude oil futures traded near 29.51 U.S. dollars, a decrease of about 1.24%; Brent crude oil futures trading near 32.35 U.S. dollars barrels, down 1.13%. The market expects the oil producing countries to reduce production with little hope, the data show that OPEC still maintains high production, the weak demand in China and the increase in inventory all make the oil price pressure. Tuesday, March NYMEX crude oil futures fell $1.74, or 5.5%, at $29.88 a barrel. April Brent crude oil futures fell $1.52, or 4.44%, at $32.72 a barrel. (the U.S. NYMEX crude oil futures contract prices in March on the daily chart, chart time for EST, photograph: Peng Bo (pictured above) ICE Brent crude oil futures contract prices in April on the daily chart, chart time for EST, photograph: Peng Bo) the American Petroleum Institute (API) released data show that in the United States to January 29th when the week API crude oil inventories increased 3 million 840 thousand barrels, is expected to increase 3 million 750 thousand barrels; January 29th week API distillate stocks increased 400 thousand barrels, is expected to reduce 630 thousand barrels; the week of January 29th API gasoline inventories increased 6 million 600 thousand barrels, is expected to increase 4 million 80 thousand barrels; the week of January 29th API Cushing crude oil inventories increased 141 thousand barrels. A well-known financial blog zero hedge on American API crude oil inventory: the market expected the U.S. API crude oil inventories will increase by 3 million 750 thousand barrels less than the actual value, severe data released after the market reaction, WTI crude oil decreased further decline; but it must be noted that U.S. crude oil inventories now in economic depression levels. OPEC representatives said that OPEC would need a common position if they met with non OPEC countries. According to Reuters quoted 2 OPEC representatives said that the Gulf countries want to observe the impact of Iran crude oil return to the market, do not support the current convening of the OPEC emergency meeting. The Energy Research Institute of Energy Aspects that Saudi oil policy did not change, said recently Russia and Saudi Arabia or other OPEC countries coordinate production, which may be Russia’s attempt to use the media sound even prompted Saudi Arabia to adjust its policies, but is expected to force the house so Saudi Arabia will not be happy, the policy will not change; previously reached agreements are first cut a private again publicly announced last week, so Russia frequently leaked mainly shows that the weak economy, rising oil prices to boost, while Saudi Arabia has indicated that the policy focus is to gain market share, and is willing to cut production in other countries, unilateral cuts almost impossible. Although the market is over supplied and the land storage space is close to exhaustion, Russia is still increasing its crude oil production. In January, the output has set a new high since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the oil and gas output of last year has also reached a record high. The country’s energy minister once said this year’s output will continue to grow. As to whether Russia will join forces with OEPC to reduce production, Goldman Sachs considers "height theory"

【原油盘初】产油国协力减产无望,油价继续下挫   汇通网2月3日讯——周三(2月3日)亚市盘初,国际油价继续下挫。NYMEX原油期货交投于29.51美元 桶附近,跌幅约1.24%;布伦特原油期货交投于32.35美元 桶附近,跌幅1.13%。市场预期产油国协力减产希望不大、数据显示OPEC仍维持高产、中国需求疲软以及库存增加都使油价承压。   周二,3月NYMEX原油期货收跌1.74美元,跌幅5.5%,报29.88美元 桶。布伦特4月原油期货收跌1.52美元,跌幅4.44%,报32.72美元 桶。   (上图为美国NYMEX原油期货3月合约价格日线图,图上时间为美国东部时间,图片来源:彭博)   (上图为ICE布伦特原油期货4月合约价格日线图,图上时间为美国东部时间,图片来源:彭博)   美国石油协会(API)公布的数据显示,美国至1月29日当周API原油库存增加384万桶,预期增加375万桶;1月29日当周API精炼油库存增加40万桶,预期减少63万桶;1月29日当周API汽油库存增加660万桶,预期增加408万桶;1月29日当周API库欣地区原油库存增加14.1万桶。   著名金融博客零对冲评美国API原油库存:市场预期美国API原油库存将增375万桶低于实际值,数据公布后市场反应剧烈,WTI原油先升后降进一步扩大跌幅;但需注意的是美国原油库存现已处在经济大萧条时的水平。   欧佩克代表表示,若与非欧佩克国家召开会议,欧佩克自身需要共同的立场。据路透援引2名欧佩克代表称,海湾国家希望观察伊朗原油回归市场后的影响,不支持当前召开OPEC紧急会议。   能源研究机构Energy Aspects认为沙特石油政策并没有变化,近日俄罗斯表示或与沙特等欧佩克国家协调减产,这可能是俄罗斯尝试利用媒体促使沙特发声甚至调整政策,但预期沙特方面对如此逼宫不会乐意,其政策也不会改变;此前达成的减产协议都是先私下达成再公开宣布的,所以上周俄罗斯频频放风主要表明其经济疲软,亟需油价上涨提振,而沙特已表明政策重点是争取市场份额,并且在其他国家减产后才愿意减产,单方面减产几无可能。   尽管市场供应过剩、陆地存储空间接近耗竭,但俄罗斯仍在加大原油产量,1月产出刷新苏联解体以来新高,去年全年油气产出也创新高。该国能源部长曾称,今年的产量仍将增长。至于俄罗斯会否和OEPC联手减产,高盛认为“高度不可能”。   高盛表示,欧佩克想拯救油价为时已晚。油价暴跌噩梦或许还远未结束,高盛认为1月下旬油价重新飙升至每桶34美元上方只是“假象”;尽管有传言称欧佩克或通过减产来拯救油价,高盛仍相信油价将再次暴跌至26美元下方并再创新低;高盛继续认为,协调减产是极不可能的,最终会弄巧成拙。   北京时间9:48,美原油报29.42美元 桶,布伦特原油报32.35美元 桶。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: