Things have changed, iPhone 5SE or released in March 22nd pdp鉴定失败

Things have changed. IPhone 5SE or March 22nd release Sina mobile phone news on February 26th, from the current rumors exposure, the possibility of iPhone 5SE really exists is very high. But just a piece of news has cast a shadow over it. According to South Korean media reports, apple spring conference will be postponed for a week, the formal implementation of the time is March 22nd, the joint mobile phone and tablet will also be issued wrong. According to the South Korean media reports, there will be iPhone 5SE, iPad Air3 and Apple Watch strap (non hardware adjustment) at the press conference. But it is worth noting that so far Apple has not officially released invitations related news. This has to be doubted, the credibility of the new machine rumors. In appearance, according to an apple protection kit manufacturers, the overall design of iPhone 5SE will still be based on iPhone5s, but only slightly changed the details. The iPhone 5SE design that they get is indistinguishable from the iPhone 5S in appearance, so they judge that iPhone 5SE should also be applied to the old iPhone 5SE protective sleeve. But iPhone 5SE doesn’t change anything, at least on the design, the power button of iPhone 5SE is moved to the right side of the fuselage, and the corners of the fuselage will be softer, but not as rounded as iPhone 6. Hardware, iPhone 5SE will be equipped with apple A9 M9 processor, equipped with NFC to support Apple Pay, the camera will also upgrade and support Live Photo, and add new rose color matching. Price, iPhone 5SE will have two versions of 16GB and 64GB, the price consistent with iPhone 5S. (Wang Di)

事情有变?传iPhone 5se或3月22日发布   新浪手机讯 2月26日消息,从目前传闻曝光量来说,iPhone 5se确实存在的可能性非常之高。不过刚刚一条消息却给这件事蒙上层阴影。据韩国媒体报道,苹果春季发布会将会推迟一周,正式推行时间是3月22日,连带手机和平板也会发布错后。   根据本次韩国媒体报道,在发布会上将会有:iPhone 5se、iPad Air3以及Apple Watch表带(非硬件调整)。不过值得注意的是,到目前为止苹果方面并没有正式放出邀请函相关消息。这不得不令人怀疑,此前种种新机传闻的可信度。   外观上据一家苹果保护套厂商的说法,iPhone 5se的整体设计仍将基于iPhone5s,只是细节上稍有改变。称他们拿到的iPhone 5se设计图在外观上与iPhone 5s难以区分,所以他们判断iPhone 5se应该也适用于老款iPhone 5se的保护套。但iPhone 5se也并不是什么改动都没有,至少在设计图上,iPhone 5se的电源键被挪到了机身右侧,机身棱角也会柔和一些,但不会像iPhone 6那样圆润。   硬件方面,iPhone 5se将会搭载苹果A9 M9处理器,配备NFC以支持Apple Pay,摄像头也将升级并支持Live Photo,并且新增玫瑰金配色。价格方面,iPhone 5se将具备16GB与64GB两个版本,售价与iPhone 5s一致。(王迪)相关的主题文章: