Stock market prices rose to boost Du Jingzhong Pawo gold hedge rebound 明元道宝

Du Jingzhong: the stock market prices rose to boost gold hedging Pawo clients view the latest market rebound in global stock markets fell Tuesday, the Dow opened down 0.23% at 16582.65; the NASDAQ opened down 0.47% at 4549.04 points; the S & P 500 index opened down 0.32% at 1939.24 points. European stocks continue to decline, intraday decline of nearly 1%. China stock market rose two consecutive days ended Tuesday down 0.81% at 2903.33. The United States Tuesday WTI April crude oil futures fell $1.52 to $31.87 barrel, down 4.55%. The risk aversion boosted gold rally again, and gold closed Tuesday at $1225.30 an ounce, up $16.70, or 1.38%. Yesterday evening, Saudi oil minister Onami stressed that the plan of frozen production " correctness of " at the same time, said " support shale oil " to win over the United States, but involved in the problem of production reduction, he stressed that the Saudi Arabia will not reduce production. API released the specific data show that as of February 19th, when the week, the U.S. crude oil inventories increased by 7 million 100 thousand barrels, the total inventory rose to 570 million 100 thousand barrels a record high, expected to increase 3 million 200 thousand barrels, the former value of 3 million 300 thousand barrels. Under a few heavy pressure data, crude oil prices fell again yesterday, the United States in January home sales in the total number of households increased to 5 million 470 thousand, the highest since July last year, the fastest pace of sales; U.S. February Conference Board consumer confidence index, the data from the previous value of 98.1, unexpectedly fell sharply to 92.2, a record low since June 2015. Today, Fisher, vice president of the Federal Reserve 09:30, speaks at Houston on monetary policy; at 23:00 U.S. new house sales in January; 23:30 evening will announce the U.S. Energy Information Agency (EIA) will announce the U.S. official crude oil inventory data last week. Yesterday afternoon China market broke the news, some foreign media exposed the new president Liu Shiyu to the Commission [micro-blog] officials for the first time in the office said in a speech, the main task of the Commission include: strict supervision, thorough investigation of market manipulation of the stock market, and actively guide the external funds into the market. It is expected to bring some support to the Shanghai and Shenzhen index. Technically, the trend of crude oil in the morning disk showed a downward trend, the current trend is concerned about the downside continues, the grasp of the disk, this afternoon basically continued the morning of the overall idea, first concerned about crude oil showing a downward trend in the market. Gold daily level, overnight rise again, it is worth noting that the recent market volatility increased significantly, and in the main range of $1190-1240 between trading. On the index, the MACD kinetic energy column is located in the zero axis, double line horizontal bonding, KDJ double line down, the overall risk is partial upward. The 4H level, suggesting that indicators have not yet clear direction, expected short-term price of gold will continue to maintain the shock correction pattern, priority interval 1200-1230 dollar powei. After a long period of rise, the market sentiment has been back to a contradictory state. The leading securities and insurance stocks led by the company yesterday took the pressure from the profit taking.

杜景中:股市油价趴窝难涨 助推黄金避险反弹 客户端 查看最新行情   周二全球股市下挫,道指开盘下跌0.23%报16582.65点;纳指开盘下跌0.47%报4549.04点;标普500指数开盘下跌0.32%报1939.24点。欧股仍继续下跌,盘中跌幅近1%。中国股市周二结束连续两日上涨收跌0.81%,报2903.33。美国WTI原油4月期货周二收跌1.52美元,报31.87美元 桶,跌幅4.55%。由此带来的避险情绪再次助推黄金反弹上涨,黄金周二亚收于1225.30美元 盎司,上涨16.70美元,涨幅为1.38%。   昨日晚间,沙特石油部长欧那密在强调冻产计划"正确性"的同时,表示"支持页岩油"来拉拢美国,但涉及减产问题时,他却强调沙特不会削减产量。API此次公布的具体数据显示,截至2月19日当周,美国原油库存增加710万桶,库存总量升至5.701亿桶纪录新高,预期为增加320万桶,前值为减少330万桶。在几个重磅数据的打压之下,昨天原油价格再度下跌,美国1月成屋销售总数年化上升至547万户,创去年7月以来最快销售速度;美国2月谘商会消费者信心指数,该数据由前值98.1,意外大幅下滑至92.2,创2015年6月以来新低。今天09:30美联储副主席费希尔在休斯顿就货币政策发表讲话;23:00美国1月新屋销售;23:30晚间将公布美国能源信息署(EIA)将公布美国上周官方原油库存数据。昨日午间中国市场爆出消息,有外媒曝出新任主席刘士余在上任后首度面向证监会[微博]官员的讲话中称,当前证监会主要任务包括:严格监管市场、严查操纵股市、积极引导外部资金入市。有望给目前的沪深指数带来一定支撑。   技术上,原油走势上午盘面呈现出一定的下行走势,当前趋势上关注下行还在继续,对于盘面的把握,今天下午基本上延续上午的整体思路,先关注原油呈现出回落的行情走势。黄金日线级别上,隔夜再度上扬,值得注意的是近期金市的波动明显加剧,并在主要区间1190-1240美元间交投。指标上MACD动能柱位于零轴,双线水平粘合,KDJ双线走低,整体风险中偏上行。4H级别上,指标仍未暗示明确的方向,预计短期金价仍将继续维持震荡修正的格局,优先关注1200-1230美元的区间破位。沪指在长期大涨之后市场情绪又回复到矛盾纠结状态,昨日领涨的券商、保险股受获利盘回吐压力,均出现明显回调,拖累大盘下跌,尾市股指扳回部分跌幅,近期走势需要注意短期的回调走势,不能盲目期待短期出现大涨。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章: