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Du Jingzhong: Gold & Oil ready callback prev still not at the bottom of Tuesday, the Asia Pacific stock markets rebounded, China stock index rose 3.29% to 2837.41, turnover of 199 billion yuan; Shenzhen Component Index rose 3.89% to 10045.4, turnover of 301 billion 400 million yuan; the United States WTI March crude oil futures fell on Tuesday to $0.40, or 1.36%, at $29.04 a barrel the price of gold fell below $1200 an ounce; an important juncture, hitting an intraday low of 1190, then in the European session once rose to 1210 above the level, but ultimately lower again, fell to 1200 above the level. Last night’s closing, the German central bank governor [micro-blog], the European Central Bank Committee Wei Digmann, reiterated the hawkish stance. He pointed out that the European Central Bank QE has reduced the risk of a eurozone premium, QE measures and no direct currency trading, no need to believe that the current implementation of the QE program, the international gold prices could not suppress the formation of. In Philadelphia, Federal Reserve Chairman Jack Huck made a public speech. Haq is optimistic about the fundamentals of the economy and believes that the United States will not have an economic recession. The Doha talks between Russia and Saudi Arabia have attracted wide attention in the market. Before the meeting, the oil city investors with hope of cutting production, oil prices soared 5%, but the meeting did not reach a yield reduction agreement, but announced the freezing of production in January level, cold reality made crude oil head fell, oil prices fell. U.S. economic data show weak performance in the day, the dollar index rebounded slightly, but still hovering below 97. In the stock market, the CSRC [micro-blog] yesterday approved the initial public offering (IPO) applications of nine companies, including the Shanghai Stock Exchange [micro-blog] four, Shenzhen Stock Exchange [micro-blog] small and medium plates a total of two, three gem. Today’s attention to 21:30, the United States in January the total number of new housing starts; the U.S. industrial output month rate in January. Technically, gold daily level, overnight the price of gold fell below $1200 mark and dropping $1190, recorded a triple negative. The index on MACD red column kinetic energy continues to shrink, double opening MACD convergence, KDJ double fall down, perhaps suggesting amendments have not yet in place, but the overall risk is still biased upward. 4H level, the index has not improved, is expected to remain in shock correction in the short term. Yin column with the shadow on the emergence of the trend of crude oil fell sharply on the daily level, daily trend is not obvious, the MACD index of contraction, showed a downward trend shock, four hours short cycle, short trend is more obvious, the expected short-term shocks into decline trend. Shanghai Stock Index global panic continues, A shares even contrarian rise, it is difficult to get rid of the bear market characteristics, but the real crash or less and less, also want to short-term inflation is also very difficult. Sina statement: Sina published this article for the purpose of transmitting more information, does not mean to agree with its views or to confirm its description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly and take risks at their own expense.

杜景中:黄金原油回调蓄势沪指任然不是底部   周二,亚太股市出现回升,中国沪指涨3.29%,报2837.41点,成交1990亿元;深成指涨3.89%,报10045.4点,成交3014亿元;美国WTI原油3月期货周二收跌0.40美元,跌幅1.36%,报29.04美元 桶;金价一度跌破1200美元 盎司重要关口,触及1190的日内低点,此后在欧洲时段则一度回升至1210上方水平,但最终再度走低,跌至1200上方水平。   昨晚欧市尾盘,德国央行[微博]行长、欧央行管委魏德曼,重申鹰派立场。他指出欧央行QE已经降低了欧元区的风险溢价,QE措施并没有直接货币交易重要,认为当前无需实施QE计划,对国际金价油价没能形成打压。美市盘中,费城联储主席哈克发表公开讲话。哈克对于经济基本面持乐观态度,认为美国不会出现经济衰退。俄罗斯和沙特等四国的多哈会谈引发市场广泛关注。会议前,油市投资者满怀减产希望,油价一度飙升5%,但此次会议并未达成减产协议而是宣布冻结产出于1月水准,冷酷的现实让原油多头狠狠摔了一跤,油价随之下挫。日内美国公布的经济数据表现疲弱,美元指数小幅反弹但仍徘徊于97下方。股市方面,证监会[微博]昨日核准了九家企业的首次公开发行(IPO)申请;其中,包括上交所[微博]四家、深交所[微博]中小板共两家、创业板三家。今日关注21:30美国1月新屋开工总数年化;美国1月工业产出月率。   技术上,黄金日线级别上,隔夜金价跌破1200美元关口并下探1190美元,录得三连阴。指标上MACD红色动能柱继续收缩,双线金叉开口收敛,KDJ双线向下回落,或许暗示修正仍未到位,但整体风险仍中偏上行。4H级别上,指标也尚没有出现改善,预计短期仍会陷入震荡修正。原油走势日线级别上出现带上影线的阴柱,日线上大幅下跌的趋势还不是很明显,macd指标收缩,呈现震荡下滑趋势,四小时短周期上来看,空头趋势较为明显,预计短期陷入震荡下滑走势。沪指全球性恐慌还在延续,A股就算逆势上涨,也难以摆脱冲高回落的熊市特征,但真正的大跌或越来越少,想短期大涨也是很有难度的。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章: