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California holiday, happy and have touched the small family feeling – Sohu of California for a vacation to mother once a year, Grandpa and grandma spoiled grandson, enjoy the happiness of a family union, and brother, seemingly as unalterable principles; for grandma and grandpa also showed a hitherto unknown intimate feeling, not every morning wake up the first sentence, is to ask "Grandpa and grandma come today"? And in the evening, my mother went to the kindergarten to pick up the kids. The first sentence also asked, "Grandpa and grandma in the car?" Feel this once a year, do not bring the burden of child care for father and mother at the same time, a good chance is increased nearly the family feeling. [excited brother] grandpa and grandma to California on the first day, regardless of the fatigue of the journey, be sure to pick up his brother and mother to school. Generally speaking mother is to spend a lot of time and effort to put his brother out, and today is no exception, a small friend "I don’t want to go home"; and when the mother told his brother, "Grandpa and grandma to pick you up, they wait in the car"! The elder brother immediately with his eyes shining, holding her mother’s hand away, said "come on, mom, I’m going to see Grandpa and grandma". So today, my mother is not only very easy to pick up the brother, and even small snacks have forgotten to ask, "do not go back to get?" Replied, "no, I’m going to see my grandparents". (08.26.2016) [] will sit next to Grandpa brother from kindergarten, we 6 people go to the restaurant to eat dinner, the elder brother is always sat next to my mother, and today, the children said magnanimously "let brother and mother sit together"! The mother asked, "what about you? Don’t want to sit with mom? My brother replied, "today I’m going to sit with my grandparents," and then sat down next to grandpa. During the meal, the children continue to talk to his grandfather in the kindergarten thing, but also continue to show off his grandfather’s new shoes, ask grandpa is not like. (08.26.2016) [surprise] said his brother likes grandpa and grandma very much, and grandpa is also very fond of grandchildren! I know my brother likes balloons, my grandfather bought two huge balloons for the children on the way, but also from a supermarket to buy expensive. Mother asked, these two balloons are expensive, right? Grandpa said, to buy a grandson like balloons, how expensive are not expensive. Ah… Is really a grandson! After dinner at home, my brother saw the two balloons, does not have been more excited, shouted, "Thank you Grandpa for the balloons." (thank you, Grandpa’s balloon) without being told, you know my grandfather bought myself! (08.26.2016) [riding Malaysia] grandpa is really a favorite grandson oh! Take a bath and go to bed before 10 minutes, also want to race with little brother play, lying on the floor, let the brothers on his back, and a room full of climb, said he is a horse. Mother wanted to stop, feel like this a little too impolite, but don’t want to spoil grandchildren grandfather disappointed, therefore also had to give up, as long as everyone is happy, Everything will be fine. (08.26.2016) [bedtime] in the father and mother.相关的主题文章: