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The woman went to Hong Kong 200 thousand Hong Kong dollars on consignment take wings to itself (Figure) on the original title map data picture Ms. Chen: strange trunk! A woman in Quanzhou to fly to Hongkong shipping 200 thousand Hong Kong dollars take wings to itself?! Police investigation found…… These days, the 43 year old Quanzhou Ms. Chen, quite depressed. 3 days ago, she and her sister took the opportunity to travel to Hongkong, to HK $200 thousand in cash in the trunk, which would take wings to itself during the shipping process. Although Hongkong and Quanzhou have reported to the police, but can not, when to find the money, Ms. Chen’s heart is still not the end. 28 at 8:30 in the morning, to fly to Hongkong before departure, Ms. Chen and sisters for baggage. "Suitcase put HK $200 thousand in cash, and lock up." Ms Chan said, after 1 hours or so minutes of flight, the day around 10 in the morning, the plane arrived in Hongkong, followed by relatives of the car to leave the airport, the luggage is placed on the relatives of the car. After lunch, they went to relatives, "ready to open the package to take the money, found the money was gone". About 6 in the afternoon, Ms. Chen to Hongkong Tsim Sha Tsui police station after the transcript, the Hongkong police advised her to Quanzhou City Public Security Bureau, Jinjiang airport Bureau report. The day before yesterday, Ms. Chen hurried back to Jinjiang after the alarm, Jinjiang police immediately launched an investigation to the airport branch. "Similar cases, almost two or three months together." Handling the police officer Lin said, in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Aviation Administration of the Public Security Bureau, filing for landing, after the alarm, he suggested that in addition to Ms. Chen to Hongkong police, also began to expand the investigation, monitoring of the porters, screeners, X machines, access to view. After investigation, the possibility of Jinjiang side of the crime is relatively small." Lin said, Ms. Chen flight has a characteristic, less staff, just enough for a car, placed 100 with luggage. On the floor, Ms. Chen’s luggage at the bottom, transported to the warehouse, is on the top. This process has all the video, but found no abnormalities. After the incident, they also told the airline to make an investigation. The police warned the forest police said, in recent years on the machine when the robbery occurred, the majority of people in the plane, we must pay attention to the following five things. 1 take the plane to go out, try not to carry large amounts of cash, such as the need to carry large amounts of cash or valuables, please carry and safekeeping, not consignment or entrust others to keep the 2 plane before, try to avoid exposure of money in public places complexity, especially should pay attention to the time of registration, booking, flight 3, luggage lock cash and valuables to carry to be placed in the custody or within the range of their vision, to prevent others wrong, wrong to take over 4 in the plane if it is found that the theft, to choose the appropriate time to report to the crew, provide the conditions for the police investigation and evidence collection in 5 after the plane landed, to check the baggage property, such as lost or found stolen, report to the airport public security organs immediately, and actively cooperate with the investigation work. Source: Strait news editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: