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Chinese Embassy in Philippines to remind the tourists do Chinese Philippines inbound travel channel to the original title: Chinese Embassy in Philippines to remind visitors to do China Philippine Immigration China Embassy in Philippines in August 31st to remind the Philippine tourism Chinese citizens do for entry. Recently, the Philippines immigration bureau to strengthen immigration review to combat illegal immigration and illegal immigration assistance. China Embassy in Philippines on 31 through the WeChat public service number Philippines consular protection "announcement that the Embassy in Philippines China intends to remind citizens do the Philippine tourism Chinese entry preparation, do not feel through the so-called" local, "the chances of entry. Entry inspection involves the sovereignty of a country, immigration officials have the right to refuse to give any foreign nationals who have been granted visas to enter the country without giving any reason. China citizens Chinese Embassy in Philippines to be made to the Philippine tourism the following four points: one is to remind the relevant formalities, such as visa, air tickets, hotel orders and other reasons, many tourists being rejected is the lack of a return ticket; the two is to remember the Philippines and the type of visa, because part of the tourists a tourist visa and the actual purpose is workers refused entry; three is the prior learning environment in English or involvement, and understand their English counterparts, the language barrier is one of the main reasons causing blocked entry; four is to travel through the legal channels to fully understand the Philippine visa policy. According to the relevant provisions of the Philippine, Australia, Japan, Canada, valid, Schengen countries or the United States visa Chinese tourists visa free entry for 7 days, but only to tourism. Transit passengers are allowed to stay in the airport restricted area, not allowed to enter. Chinese Embassy in Philippines, said that every one of the visitors to the Philippines will be able to smooth entry, happy holidays, safe home. For consular assistance, please call the China Embassy in the Philippines consulate consular protection telephone (Embassy in Philippines led Paul to help Tel: 0063 – 9178972695; the Consulate General in Cebu led Paul to help Tel: 0063 – 9175495614; consulate in Laoag led Paul to help Tel: 0063 – 9178051226). At the beginning of August, China Embassy in Philippines had also reminded the Chinese citizens of the Philippine tourism, such as in the Philippines for over 6 months, to complete the relevant formalities before departure, departure time. (reporter Zhang Ming) (Feng Yatao, pure commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: