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Legal Daily sales calls can not stop: disciplinary measures – View – original title: sales calls can not eliminate disciplinary measures in information age, while people are enjoying the great convenience brought by the Internet and mobile communication, also enjoy the right to live in peace, which have not been selling phone spam, disturb the peaceful life of "consumer rights the Rights Protection Law Implementation Regulations (Draft)" before the end of the day for public comment. In a month of the consultation process, how to protect the security of personal information, the courier lost, how to compensate for the occupation and other applicable regulations whether counterfeiting issue raised concerns. The draft is clear, without the explicit consent or request of consumers, the operator shall not send commercial electronic information or call the commercial telemarketing (September 8th China News Network). It should be said that the use of telephone or e-mail users, basically have received telemarketing calls and information. If you leave a phone when the Internet shopping, or when the entity to apply for a membership card to stay personal information, will be more or less to receive the merchant’s telemarketing calls or information. More seriously, there are often some people not to provide personal information, but without a history of businesses by telephone to sell stocks, banking, antiques and other products, be pestered beyond endurance. The author believes that in the face of chaos frequent calls, must be scientific management, strict constraints, can not be allowed to justice. According to the draft, without the explicit consent or request of the consumer, the operator shall not send commercial electronic information or call the commercial telemarketing. But in reality, businesses in the collection of consumer information, are not in a significant way to inform the purpose of gathering information and whether to send promotional information. Such as online shopping to fill in the phone number, the business may be in a non significant position in the form of the terms of the consumer will be informed of the sale of information. When people apply for a variety of membership cards, businesses are not prompted to send promotional information or call sales calls, without authorization to continuously send relevant information to consumers. Seen in this light, to curb the sale of phone calls or text messages, in addition to the strict protection of personal information is not leaked, but also strictly regulate the behavior of merchants to send promotional information itself. First of all, businesses should be forced to obtain consumer information to make clear, a significant obligation to prompt, and provide convenient and easy to cancel or cancel the operation of the road, not to induce consumers to obtain consent". If the electricity supplier in the consumers fill in the receipt of information, should be in the phone number to nearby were significantly different from normal font content to remind consumers, or to check the form to seek the views of consumers, do not send the relevant information, at the same time to ensure that consumers may be cancelled at any time "agree" content. For the physical business, whether it is to apply for a membership card or gift giving way to obtain information, should be in the form of consumer information to solicit their written consent. For those who do not have the consent of the consumer, or consumers have canceled the consent of the phone is still selling telemarketing calls or send marketing information, it should be characterized as harassing phone calls or spam messages, and be punished. In addition to the implementation of the phone real name system, can be provided by the official or third party platform for telephone marking services, within a certain period of time,相关的主题文章: