In the media secret bamboo stabbed American plane and hero camp (map) 残清1864

In the media secret "bamboo stabbed American plane" and "hero camp" (Figure) photo of Chairman Mao received the "hero camp" of all officers and soldiers. Data figure Chairman Mao cordially received hero battalion officers and soldiers. Data figure original title: bamboo U-2 stabbed down the "hero camp" where in July 23, 1964, Chairman Mao received the "hero camp" of all the officers and soldiers in the Great Hall of the people, this is the only thing in life he once formed with the battalion. In early June 2016, the South Korean military delegation to visit the hero camp, a general point of praise, your troops are world class!" Half a century later, the "hero camp" why being so called? The air force deputy chief of staff, "the hero camp" third battalion commander Chen Huiting. Wu Qianyan figure (a) code "543" is the name of your dream again received the old army summoned, and has been initially 58 years apart. From the flower of youth to a healthy, aged person old man, "the hero" battalion third battalion commander Chen Huiting has now entered old age, the action of many inconveniences, but received the interview invitation, do not hesitate to say, "we must support the old forces work". The two battalion is from the air force, 45 regimental units selected formed veteran soldiers and able captains in the camp, the cadres are higher with low head, when the battalion commander, battalion commander when company commander, platoon sergeant." In December 26, 1958, the air force ground to air missile troop two battalion was formed. To keep it secret, the two battalion had a mysterious code named "the 543". The soldiers no uniform, foreign claims is the drilling team, survey team. In October 7, 1959, the two battalion shot down a RB-57D high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft in Beijing county. "At that time, in full accordance with the rules and decrees to fight the Soviet union." Old Chen Huiting said: "the two battalion original equipment was introduced from Soviet Sam -2 Sam, the Soviet Union experts as technical guidance class has a special provisions, are not allowed to take notes. As a result, to participate in the training of the comrades agreed to each person a word back, and then come back after finishing the notes." The two battalion was only set up more than half a year, they shot down the RB-57D high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, when the incident caused no small stir in the world. "Hero camp" camp in U-2 aircraft wreckage Museum display. Wu Qianyan figure at the beginning of 1962, the United States over U-2 high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft suddenly broke into the northwest, China nuclear weapons and missile bases, shooting a lot of reconnaissance photos. In September 1962, the two battalion troops on the south, Nanchang to Jiangxi mobile operations, 9 successfully shot down a U-2 high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft. Shocked the world: Chinese young missile units have this ability? At a press conference shortly after the incident, a foreign reporter suddenly asked China to shoot down the U-2 aircraft in what way: "what is the use of specific weapons to shoot down, is it a missile?" In order to avoid enemy targeted measures, then foreign minister Chen Yi humorously responded: "we are to use bamboo stick stabbed down the enemy." March 28, 1963, after the RE modification of the U-2 aircraft invaded the northwest of mainland china. When the two battalion opened radar tracking, quickly U-2 aircraft like the bright eyes, at this time it has been installed.相关的主题文章: