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African people recognize China’s investment model in the end what investment? – Sohu Africa has been a major battleground. The two giant recently here is Chinese game and the United States, Bloomberg News website, the former is the entire continent generous investment to acquire and use those resources, the world’s fastest growing economies, which are looking for more business opportunities. Chinese and American companies want to profit from africa. Since 2003, Chinese in sub Saharan Africa investment grew 40 times, China have investments in each African countries, for example, the construction of hydropower dams, highway construction in the area of oil, iron ore and other railway transportation construction. The Chinese government and the African Development Bank jointly set up a $2 billion African mutual fund". China’s investment in Africa is being evacuated? Although the game in Africa Chinese with the United States and Japan continue to be staged, but the easy financial access to display, on the first half of last year China official announced, China fell 40% for non investment, this year has not rebounded sharply. Data show that in 2015 China of total investment amounted to $39 billion 800 million, but the total amount of the first seven months of 2016 was only $11 billion 300 million, less than a year before the 13, leading to speculation China investment will leave africa. In terms of natural resources, according to a number of domestic and foreign data sources, China’s investment in Africa is indeed declining. For example, in the Chinese Ministry of commerce website statistics released in 2015, China’s imports of crude oil from Africa fell by 48.5% year on year, the cumulative amount of $26 billion 290 million. However, this is not a complete picture of China’s investment in africa. In the field of infrastructure construction, just the opposite. China’s Ministry of commerce data show that in 2015 China’s non contracted engineering business in overseas markets accounted for more than 13, turnover rose by 3.4%. At the same time, investment in manufacturing and agriculture is steadily increasing. The amount of natural resources projects that have been heavily invested before has fallen, so the overall amount is down. The African people must China image although China investment in Africa has increased steadily, but the progress of these economic activities in Africa seem to is not so smooth, the media have reported that China workers were injured in African countries. So what about the actual situation in Africa? What do Africans think of China? Recently, the well-known African pollster "African" Chinese vane "released in the non image survey report", from the perspective of regional, country and the influence factors of China conducted a comprehensive investigation and evaluation in non influence and image. The report from the beginning of the investigation to the publication of a year, covering 36 countries in Africa, the respondents reached up to 54000 people, to a certain extent, the objective reflects the African people’s views on China’s image and influence in africa. Survey shows that China’s growing influence in Africa, the overall positive image. Overall, 63% of respondents believe that China’s influence in the country is positive. The survey also shows that investment and other economic activities is shaping the image of China in Africa, the most important factor to enhance China’s influence in Africa, more than相关的主题文章: