Beijing Shanghai announced the car about the local rules three social concerns how to respond naughty怎么读

Beijing Shanghai announced the car about the local rules three social concerns how to respond? The Xinhua news agency Xinhua viewpoint reporter Ye Jian, Ding Jing Beijing Xinhua news agency Reuters new media in October 8th 8, Beijing, Shanghai also announced two network about cars and local rules draft. Previously, the Ministry of communications and other departments jointly introduced the new regulations about the car network. With the implementation of the new regulations on November 1st approaching, the introduction of the two big cities rules, for other places have weathervane significance. For some of the focus of public concern, the two places is how to respond? Focus 1: threshold – Mega City owners can also open the net about the car? From the current introduction of the local rules, in the bus priority and governance congestion and other urban disease under consideration, the big city about the car about the threshold is still high. The first threshold is for vehicles. Beijing provides network about cars need not only the Beijing license plate, 5 three car passenger capacity not less than 2.0L or 1.8T, 7 seat passenger capacity not less than 2.0L, the length is greater than 5100 mm. Shanghai is required, not only to have the vehicle license plate in Shanghai, but also to achieve the country’s five emission standards, the wheelbase to reach more than 2700 mm, the new energy vehicle wheelbase also reach up to 2650 mm. Reporters found that access to information, the current Shanghai network about cars of the mainstream models such as BYD and Roewe Qin E550, can meet the standard. Second threshold for drivers. Beijing, Shanghai drivers are required for the city’s household registration, Beijing also further limit the male 60 years old, female under the age of 55. In addition, the two sides of Beijing and Shanghai on the driver’s safe driving records and law-abiding records made the request. In the driver’s requirements, the impact of the largest household registration. Reporters found that in Beijing, Shanghai net about car drivers, many of the field personnel vehicle license plate. Third threshold for the platform. Beijing and Shanghai are a common ground, is to assume the responsibility of the carrier carrier platform, must also have online, offline service capabilities, the relevant data are required to access the regulatory platform. For example, the provisions of Shanghai, the network about the car platform, if the city is not a registered enterprise legal person, the establishment of branches. Beijing put forward about the implementation of the network license management platform, operating period of 4 years, after the expiration of the audit may be postponed. In this regard, deepen the reform of the Ministry of transport taxi chief expert Xu Kangming believes that from the disclosure of the local comments version, although different characteristics, but on the net about the car number, operation standard with strict threshold. The development of some large cities by population, transportation, air constraints on the net about the car set a high threshold can also be understood. Taxi reform need to reflect the dislocation, the integration of development, if the network about the car into a parade, the reform will not make sense." Guo Jifu, President of Beijing Institute of transportation development, said the reform to ensure smooth transition of old and new formats, common development. Focus 2: price – more control network about the number of cars, prices, taxi will be more expensive? Taxi expensive poor service is the pain point of the taxi industry. The reform, more than the number of vehicles about the network, the strict threshold of operating standards, will make the taxi price more expensive? Under the three threshold limit, the number of vehicles is expected to significantly reduce the standard network. Didi relevant person in charge told reporters,.相关的主题文章: