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B20 Working Group Co chair: employment Chinese brought great change – G20 summit Beijing in January this year, I went to Beijing in 2016 of the group of twenty (G20) business launch event, China the friendly and strong organization ability left me a deep impression and success for the upcoming launch ceremony held in Hangzhou G20 Business Summit (B20) opened a good start. I’m really looking forward to going to Hangzhou!" B20 employment working group co chair, international organization of employers President Daniel de Funes??? Rioja days ago in an interview with this reporter, said. Founded in 1920 and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the international organization of employers has been a member of more than and 150 national employers’ associations or other forms of employer organizations in more than and 140 countries. International organization of employers is an important partner of G20 and B20, Rioja as this year B20 employment Working Group Co chair. B20 delivers a comprehensive and detailed policy recommendations to the G20 Leadership Summit each year to provide policy recommendations for global economic growth and global economic governance. Since B20 represents the forefront of economic development, the most sensitive to the changes in the market, so they are very aware of this policy recommendations reported by the G20, the G20 summit will respond to the report after careful study. This year, B20 around the G20 summit theme and topics, "innovation growth mode" and "more efficient global economic and financial governance" and "strong international trade and investment" to promote inclusive linkage development "4 aspects put forward 20 policy proposals, the formation of a 29 page report English policy recommendations. Rioja said: "this is not some policy recommendations of the report written after the people behind closed doors, but in full to the global business community. After several months to complete, not only embodies the consensus, but also very practical, more important is forward-looking, can introduce global growth strategy and global governance scheme for G20 with wisdom." "China has been the chairman of the G20 this year, which is something that the international community has been looking forward to for a long time, because we all know that the stable development of China can bring great changes to the G20 summit." Rioja said that in this world, if there is a country in the field of growth and employment should be carefully listened to the voice, then it must be china. In the past 25 years, China has made great achievements in economic growth, job creation and poverty eradication. I hope that the Hangzhou summit to promote national comprehensive reform at the national level, we need to make a clear commitment to G20 leaders to reform the engine G20." Rioja believes that China is the theme of the Hangzhou summit and topics are insightful, has a very important practical significance. Take "innovation growth mode", in the current global economic growth is generally weak, great potential for innovation and growth mode can stimulate the labor market, create more employment opportunities, to inject vitality into the economic growth. Innovative growth mode is a kind of innovative thinking, for the general public and G20 leaders have important value相关的主题文章: