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Small car owners leave queuing looting of property that does not recognize that team No. 17 of September 22nd, next to the shop owners in the No. 83 road two days really friends waiting to purchase parking spaces. Youth Daily trainee reporter Zhong Lei photo really friends road No. 83 shops near a chair near 150 meters are arranged, bedding and other supplies to put a lot on the couch. Shops cordoned off several security pacing. The queue of people in the seat knitting sweater, and some people leave their seats in a short time playing cards…… The above picture appears in the Central District of Shanghai City, the three phase of the District, the crowd is lined up in the owners of the District of the. In September 24th the sale of residential parking spaces, a no smoke grab spaces war has begun. The owners of a Youth Daily trainee reporter Zhong Lei family, leave the unit for parking is pretty fight told reporters on September 21st at around half past six, there have been hundreds of owners in the queue, and someone, someone who does not appear in the phenomenon of registration. However, the organization is not registered by the organization of the queue, but enthusiastic owners of spontaneous behavior, in order to queue the order, the registration information should also specify the owner of the specific residential information, in order to call every day. What makes the residential parking spaces so tight, even three days ahead of queuing in the rain to buy a car? Reporters learned that the central issue of the first phase of the 2015 completion of delivery, of which a total of 364 parking spaces, but now qualified to buy parking spaces have more than and 700 households. September 18th, the owners received a letter of notification from the developer. The letter said, in a period of three to three group library parking for sale: subscription time for September 24th on Saturday morning at 9 locations; certification No. 83 shops really friends; at the price of 28-35 million yuan, the standard parking spaces, parking spaces: Micro 18-23 million, 52-55 million secondary spaces: a; parking spaces for the way: first, sold so far. Many owners after hearing began to rob a war. Team, the owner of Mr. ho told reporters that he had written a number of lines in the hands of the paper, in addition to the figure 190 also wrote a "Yu". He said that he was the first to get the number more than and 80 yesterday, but then heard the news that the property does not recognize this number. "I was throwing the paper, the team also scattered, who knows that later admitted that, I came back to take the number to get only 190." In the first team, the reporter found to get the 1 owners, the owner said he came to the scene on the morning of the first 21. At the beginning of a few people lined up, and then there are people who have organized the owners of spontaneous queuing registration." He told reporters that his family has two cars, ready to buy a standard parking spaces, his family took turns on duty for the first time in two days, the evening will be replaced by his son. Next to a queue of women, said he dedicated to the unit invited two days off to queue up, the two day salary will be $600, looking for someone to help themselves to line up to $1500, not as good as their platoon." But at the end of the line, a man is paid to discuss things with the owners queuing queue, and finally settled the price of 1500 yuan to help the owners of row two days相关的主题文章: