B analysis of sailors have home court advantage of seaman Amiens Sohu sql server 2000 个人版

B: analysis of sailors have home court advantage – Sohu of Amiens: Amiens B seaman VS Auxerre SMG number: 010 Friday game time: November 5, 2016 03:00 asian handicap: 0.85 hemisphere 1 interpretation of events: promoted Ma Yamian down, the team’s recent 5 round B league only 1 victory, which has also been home court 3 fights and failed to score, be familiar with the team, the advantage of Amiens does not exist. Auxerre 13 after scoring 9 points at the bottom, the old team has become one of the most popular downgrade, the last 8 games lost 7 games in Auxerre state is very bad. Analysis of ball handicap: the game for the open the Lord let hemisphere low water, Europe refers to the combination of 1.72 3.25 4.40 collocation, as a newly promoted, Amiens can make in the home court advantage hemisphere is relatively large, and having found and flat compensate index are relatively slightly reduced, which remained in the range of sub low water the index of the Eurasia, Amiens full support. In addition, Auxerre has a 5 game losing streak, the field of life and death of hemisphere handicap, support the benefits of the Amiens home court. SMG football recommended: 3 asian handicap recommended: Amiens相关的主题文章: