Zhang Yunlei said the hospital stands is falling Deyunshe alcohol. mine_清翼

Zhang Yunlei said the hospital stands fall Deyunshe alcohol trouble Sina entertainment news in August 22nd at 4 pm Guo Degang [micro-blog] disciple Zhang Yunlei in NanJing South Railway Station two layer platform out drunk falls, sent to hospital for treatment after the disease has become more stable. Zhang Yunlei in the Oriental TV "The Legendary Swordsman 3" in the performance of the majority of the audience favorite, imitate Wu Mo [micro-blog] and other singers is vivid, the audience called Devon singer". Because of injury reasons are unable to participate in the semi-finals, but Zhang Yunlei’s wonderful performance in the first round, Zhang Yunlei has let the fans rose. After nearly three months of hospital treatment and care, Zhang Yunlei has been on the afternoon of November 6th to complete the formalities to discharge cultivation. Since Zhang Yunlei was injured, Deyunshe fellow comrades rushed to Nanjing to visit, mentor Guo Degang also came to visit in his busy schedule, Zhang Yunlei’s mother is in the night of him to take care of, the fans also spontaneously pray for him, pray for his speedy recovery. The doctors and nurses in the hospital also supported him in the form of singing. According to the doctor, Zhang Yunlei’s injury is a close call, his miraculous rebirth is because of the teacher and fellow Deyunshe for viewers to take care of their parents, and he loves the heart stage. When it comes to skydiving reasons, Zhang Yunlei said, the real situation is not so complicated online, but also the emotional problems and the pressure of work. The day after the show after dinner with friends to drink a lot of wine, to the south station to exchange tickets results didn’t catch the train home, then go out, after drinking too much on the distance and space judgment error prone, unaware of the platform to send so high, results accidentally fell off at high altitude the parachute failed." For an actor, it’s a great pain to be on stage. After 2 months of recovery, Zhang Yunlei is currently the body uneventfully, training for a period of time to return to the stage point the day and await for it. After discharge Zhang Yunlei is also planning to during their training, intends to use this period more and more school things, improve their cultural literacy and knowledge, of course, the word practice next time, let us look at the "thunder cloud" style. Before leaving the hospital, Zhang Yunlei to send a banner to thank the doctors, doctors for timely treatment and responsible attitude, saved his life. Zhang Yunlei fans learned that he was discharged from the news, but also for him to send flowers blessing, and I hope he will keep the body, as soon as possible to see his figure on the stage. For the "Devon king" the next work plan, Zhang Yunlei said that singing is a hobby, not importune, crosstalk is the base of this, at the same time, also hope to be able to show themselves in the different stage, let the audience see a different side of him, with the best work to repay the support of his audience. (commissioning editor: Jun Weng fishing)相关的主题文章: