South Korean Defense Ministry announced the deployment of new public thad near the rising opposition 姉summer

South Korean Defense Ministry announced the deployment of new public thad near the rising opposition to the original title: South Korean Defense Ministry announced the deployment of new "Sade" Kimcheon public opposition news agency upsurge in September 30 Seoul Xinhua (reporter Wu Xu) South Korean Defense Ministry announced that 30, located in Gyeongbuk County, the Star Golf course to become "THAAD the system" ("Sade" system) deployments. Currently, South Korea’s opposition to the deployment of the wave of Sade has spread from the state of Wisconsin to the golf course near the state of Kimcheon. South Korean Defense Ministry sources said, according to the results of the assessment of the three counties in the county of Wisconsin, to determine the best location for the golf course for the deployment of the system. The Defense Department has been on the morning of 30 July to Seongju gaugrafen Kim and Hengkun Seongju parliament speaker Pei Zaiwan on this conclusion are described. Yonhap reported that South Korean Defense Minister Korea seeking the day in Congress will decide on the golf course, the deployment of "Sade" to all parties explained. At the beginning of July, the South Korean government announced the deployment of "Sade" system in Seongju star hill fort sparked strong opposition from local people and autonomous groups. The defense ministry said at the end of 8 will reconsider "Sade" deployment locations, except outside the fort, on the other, Seongju three candidate for deployment will also carry out investigation and assessment. According to South Korean media reports, the new deployment, the golf course membership Lotte Group, is located 18 kilometers north, county government building, 680 meters above sea level, because of the surrounding residents are scarce, star hill fort area is wider, and the entrance and other relatively complete infrastructure and other factors, the South Korean defense ministry estimates that the more conducive to "Sade" deployment. Prior to the Korean media has repeatedly reported that the state golf course may become a de Sade system deployment site. Due to the proximity of the city of Kimcheon and the state golf course, after learning the news, the people of Kimcheon against the Sade system of continuous calls. According to reports, the population of Kimcheon is about 140 thousand people, about three times the county. Local residents set up against the deployment of the "Sade" system struggle Committee, nearly 10000 people in Kimcheon recently held a massive rally, issued a resolution book, said it would resolutely oppose the threat to Kimcheon public safety and survival rights "Sade" system. Kimcheon mayor Pu Baosheng and representatives of the public to the Defense Minister Han min expressed opposition. Pu Baosheng refused to meet the requirements of the Department of defense, said it would negotiate with the opposition to the deployment of the parties concerned with the Ministry of defense dialogue. (end) editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: