I heard that Hin will dress you have Hin exposed socks! headache怎么读�

I heard that Hin will dress you have Hin exposed socks!? The large power power airport, although in a hurry to depart, but also can see the exposed ankle boots and socks, is well dressed too! Chocker and boots are velvet and uniform in color, plus! Red edge socks and coat with a red plaid with additional points! No matter is the echo of wine red socks and a striped shirt, or sweater collocation fluorescent green socks, make people feel are complementary to each other, in other words, the two are indispensable. 3 shoes or socks is always a punchline this is more interesting gameplay collocation, with a pair of shoes or a pair of socks color color with a bright spot. This is in fact very bright socks collocation skill test, one not careful may go on the rural non mainstream of no return. After all, this is not the color of shoes echoes, and there is no color in which clothes to match, this is completely on the legend of a high fashion aesthetic sense! Socks shoes collocation 1 Sandals Heels + socks that a lot of people think that this kind of collocation is very old-fashioned, very fit. But in recent years, socks sandals began to pop up, then makes the sandals not dull. Select the color system is not so difficult to imagine, as long as the clothes and skirts when the spindle, the main color of the color or the same color selection of the most secure. If you wear a skirt, socks long best in calf half. If you choose to exercise wind socks, youthful sense is really Up Up! And the choice of cotton or silk socks, elegant lady fan blowing ~2. Oxford shoes shoes + socks in order to create a fresh atmosphere, can collocation mainly plain socks, or there is a little simple as geometric lines the pattern, can promote the whole other level, and not let people feel the visual confusion or monotonous. Gentleman shoes or shoes and socks is very suitable for Oxford, it will let you send out a kind of neutral charm, "less girl" but very attractive. 3 ankle boots + short socks are actually ankle boots original sense is very high, there is a high cold feeling. However, when coupled with socks, high cold temperament will be very good, and exudes a kind of approachable youth, showing a new personality. Long neck temperament beauty Liu Shishi naughty Red Sox exposed ankle boots, playful and fashionable! In fact, when wearing ankle boots to pay special attention to the proportion of socks exposed, the bad is very easy to cut the proportion of the body is very strange. So unless you are really a very straight and thin sister, the fox still suggests that it is the best way to get the socks out of the side. Collocation is an excellent knee length stockings ~ knee length stockings + ankle boots, turned over the knee boots, collocation limit is relatively small if they save money… + socks casual shoes..4. shoes and socks, patterns can pick a little exaggerated, but the focus of the course should have, then according to the color of shoes. To determine the color of socks, and avoid making a heavy feeling. If the clothes is relatively simple, you can choose some bold and colorful socks. Wear sandals + 5 socks sandals + socks is more like Asia, especially Japan and Hong Kong girls love so!相关的主题文章: