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" " attack; Pearl Harbor tourism Sohu said Hawaii except where there is a beautiful island in the central Pacific people will think of Hawaii volcano and U.S. Pacific Fleet headquarters and the Pearl Harbor incident is a World War II with a great reputation which I was in Pearl Harbor during the second world war one famous battle where…………………. photograph: cookies (BingGan) when I finished the meal suddenly found the plane far away a submarine but not too fast running coke but still can clearly see is a submarine I know the plane is going to land from the US because the Pacific fleet is not far away the plane took off from San Francisco down Hawaii time and adjust the time to landing 3 hours to look outside the window. You can see the U.S. Pacific Fleet naval base seems to have the lowest C130 U.S. large transport shadow Pearl Harbor is located on the south coast of Oahu kelao mountains and mountains between Huai Anais plain, and the only deep-water port of Honolulu port adjacent to U.S. naval bases and shipbuilding base, is also the largest islands in the North Pacific in the best safe port of civilian ships and foreign ships general without special permission from the United States Department of the navy is not to enter the. The attack on Pearl Harbor was the morning of December 7, 1941, the Japanese combined fleet of aircraft and miniature submarine suddenly attacked the American naval base at Pearl Harbor and the U.S. Army and naval incident in Hawaii on Oahu airport. Where is the Pearl Harbor island of Oahu, in the Hawaii islands group, is also the seat of Hawaii prefecture. It is said that once upon a time there was a pearl oyster, which was named after it. Located in the northern part of the ocean to the Pacific islands of Hawaii, the hub of the northwest, West to east southeast of jujube distribution, was originally the kingdom in 1898 by the United States seized from the hands of Spain, and built a ship repair plant, dry dock, fuel supply station, pier and necessary naval facilities in Pearl Harbor. Then, in 1919 and in 1922, there was a submarine base and an air station. After 1930s, with the deepening of the contradiction between the United States and Japan, Pearl Harbor was regarded as the United States Pacific forward base, attention and construction. After the completion of the Pearl Harbor is one of the most important American naval and air base in the Pacific, water area of 32 square kilometers, with an average depth of about 14 meters, up to 500 ships moored, also for aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, cruisers and other large naval vessels to provide maintenance, maintenance and other services, there is an island in the Pearl Harbor, there is Ford Island Naval Air station. November 26, 1941, a fleet of six aircraft carriers as the main force in the Japanese Navy under the command of Nanbu Tadachi D相关的主题文章: