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Wang Ziwen: it was Xiao Xiao Qu network violence will on the rough leaves Wenwang Yuan Hong Chen Zhi photography camera Sina entertainment news recently, artist Qiao Renliang [micro-blog] regrets the death of that "network violence" to become the focus of public attention once again in September 21st, appeared in the Spy Drama "double" open broadcast Conference [micro-blog] Wang Ziwen admits himself experienced in network violence, their own way to deal with is "not to see". Wang Ziwen also revealed that in September the "Ode to joy" on 2, their role song Xiao Xiao will be a big change, will experience more ups and downs. Zu Feng said, in the "double" and "Ode to joy" two cooperation, Wang Ziwen changed a lot. In addition, the Wang Ziwen point like performing artists, said Zu Feng self ridicule, I feel I will be unlucky, I feel like I want to retire." The two time Wang Ziwen Zu Feng Zu Feng praised cooperation of "performance artist" called "unlucky" double tells the story of Zu Feng and Wang Ziwen play a trump card of identity hostile agents couples, a series of stories happened in Chengdu is grief at separation and joy in Union on the occasion of the liberation. Repeatedly play spy drama of Zu Feng said, compared to most of the Spy Drama special attention to fry, "double" is the relationship between the characters is very interesting, is more like a drama, and the people’s feelings with people’s feelings like. He also said with a smile, this movie is the first collaboration with Wang Ziwen’s own, "Ode to joy" is their second collaboration, and two cooperation in the role of Wang Ziwen "very different, very scary". Compared to the "Spy Drama specialist Zu Feng, Wang Ziwen is the first test Spy Drama", is also the first time a mother, wife play is not quite reliable, although the wife." In the process of cooperation with Zu Feng, his most impressive, is a drama "Zu Feng dying, he was lying on the ground, I have been crying, crying to drink several bottles of water, are emotional collapse." And the side of Zu Feng was smiling response, anyway, I have been lying below." For the first time when CO Zu Feng, Wang Ziwen was full of praise for the first time, play the Spy Drama she will often ask Zu Feng be right, "because he is a performance artist." Wang Ziwen straight said, Zu Feng himself is the performance of the teacher, had given him a lot of help. In addition to Wang Ziwen, Cao syndrome [micro-blog] is full of praise for Zu Feng, he said Zu Feng is one of the most outstanding Chinese actor, "he is not rare Hyun acting actor in the world, like him to show the actors by subtraction of not more than three percent, I learned a lot." A conference, it has become a recognition of the general assembly Zu Feng? There are many interesting Zu Feng, he had bitter face humility, "I think I’ll just unlucky today, Zi Wen also said that I was performing artist, I feel I’m retiring." Wang Ziwen: I also experienced a "network of violence" 2 Xiao Xiao Qu Ode to joy will experience ups and downs in the day of the conference, there are inevitably some digression. Wang Ziwen and Zu Feng were asked about the recent hot topic "cyber violence". Wang Ziwen admitted that he also encountered the network violence, and their response is not to look at, she also ridicule from the Zu Feng, "teacher, also," said Mr. Zu Feng相关的主题文章: