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"My new clothes" Wu Xin approached the high cold after the rejection of small male back –   entertainment Sohu; Sohu Wu Xin entertainment news produced by the Oriental TV variety star straddling fashion "my new clothes" (the original "goddess’s new clothes", season third) in late September 3rd ten return to the Oriental TV, open fashion screen mode. On Saturday (September 10th) aired the second phase of the program, Wu Xin partner Designer Black Magic series of clothing brought by the, stunning the audience, and ultimately won the audience’s high price of second. The theme of this issue is "kiss my baby", that is, the design of the parent-child outfit, so in this episode, each of the goddess invariably partner with some cute little model. After the end of the Wu Xin show, the host Lin interview that Wu Xin is the goddess of all the children of the margin, because in his opinion, as the host of Wu Xin, is most likely to communicate with children. Unexpectedly, Wu Xin heard her "to do", and in his death broke the news site just don’t know how to communicate with the children, when faced with the kids do not know what the talk. Never too big to watch the Linhai, suggested Wu Xin 30 seconds to laugh a little friend, Wu Xin and a small group of high cold model was Linhai selected, see Wu Xin after he called "super hard music, very difficult ah." But Wu Xin also began to try and small friends, Wu Xin enthusiastically asked him what his name is, after a few years old, children still high cold without saying a word, finally forced Wu Xin to release the killer, directly ask the kids "when watching TV have seen me on TV?" The children heard after blunt shook his head jumped out a word: No, Wu Xin finally wit to say "thank you", the end of this embarrassing exchanges, amused the audience laugh. It seems the impression of the "King" Wu Xin was amused in adults, children really is short board. This week Wu Xin will partner the new designer flammable, their "new clothes" there are buyers favor? What about the Wu Xin group’s parent and child attire? More exciting, please lock the Oriental TV this Saturday (September 17th) ten p.m. "my new clothes".相关的主题文章: