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12 kilograms of frozen "milk" Xi’an immigrants intercepted packaging simple – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Song Jie) a big box of "frozen milk", in addition to the name, date and time English, packaging is no any logo. The day before, Xi’an Xianyang airport for the first time to carry passengers from the entry in the intercepted material to human milk". Inspection and quarantine officers at Xi’an Xianyang International Airport in Singapore recently to Xi’an Airlines passenger baggage, intercepted a large FCL frozen "milk", a total of 4 small 24 bags, a total of 12 kg. Different from ordinary milk, the dairy products packaging simple, packaging bags containing Japanese packaging bags, which is divided into a number of small bags, plastic bag and uneven, in addition to the above written "NAME (name), DATE (date), TIME (time)" English words, no any other marks. According to the airport inspection and quarantine personnel, human milk belongs to the special goods, according to the "measures" carried by entry-exit personnel management and quarantine regulations, carrying special items immigration may apply for the examination and approval formalities, at the time of entry to the inspection and quarantine agencies to provide relevant information and take the initiative to declare quarantine, and to meet the requirements of special packaging materials safety management. Because the passengers can not provide any information, it is difficult to determine the source of human milk. Therefore, the inspection and quarantine officers in accordance with the law of the "milk" to be intercepted and destroyed.相关的主题文章: