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"Family good partner" the imminent launch of the Olympic champion is than math – Sohu, Chen Ruolin entertainment Chen Aisen, Wei Qiuyue, Xiao Tong, Liu   actor Wang Ning, Rui repair   Sohu (white paper Yuanhui entertainment news video) in September 16th by CCTV entertainment channel joint public media to build a new variety show "family good partner" news held a grand press conference. Rio Olympic diving champion Chen Ruolin, Chen Aisen, Wei Qiuyue, Liu Xiaotong China women’s volleyball team won the hero, the strength of the actor Wang Ning, Rui repair collective lenovo. At the scene, all the members of Bingfen teams, Wang Ning and Rui repair as captain of the team, the two teams were a math test, this test "partner" degree of understanding and response capabilities. Different from the existing domestic game shows, "family good partner" first shed large interactive game props, "outdoor sports" moved into the room, through the rich game system, create a "star in the party". It is reported that the program is divided into 12 phases, the famous CCTV host Li Jiaming, chaired by Yang Fan. The program will be "partners" for emotional core, invited two star guests. In the program, two groups of guests will invite their friends, family and even former colleagues and friends have feelings associated with guests to play team. Show the interesting and unique innovation that "family good partner" has not yet launched on the concern, who has the courage to participate in the challenge, he and his partner, share stories, more curious. Conference site, the first lineup of guests officially announced the program: the strength of the actor Wang Ning, Rui Rui, Rio Olympic Games to win the return of the Chen Ruolin, and so on, and so on, confirmed by the United States, the United States, and the United States, and the United States, the United States, the United States, the return of the return of the Olympic Games, and so on, and so on, and so on, the. The scene, in order to test the guest’s tacit index, specially invited guests of team interactive games. Wang Ning, Wei Qiuyue, and the group of one of the two groups: Rui Rui, and the group of a group of people, such as the Chinese and the Chinese, and the group of, named "the group of people,". Wang Ning frankly, love and high partner cooperation is because you can pull up the average height, and two women’s volleyball goddess partner, but also let him very happy. The average height of "more confident. A hilarious scene attracted. The conference comes the day of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, is the name of Wei Qiuyue was in, the host can not help but joked, "I wish the Happy birthday", causing the audience to laugh. For the first time to participate in the variety show, the four champion admitted, took a fancy to the "common good" partner family and sports. Because of the same emphasis on partner spirit ", let the four Olympic champions of the" family good partner "stage particularly cordial. From the stadium to the stage, although the change in place, but for the understanding of the test are identical, again to "partner" spirit for the four Olympic champions are feeling, bluntly look forward to in this program through the interaction of the game show team, and the story between warm and partner with each other between the tacit understanding Wei Qiuyue said, very happy to participate in the "family good partner", this program embodies the team spirit, it is very suitable for us. Chen Ruolin also said that this program, as well as the sports team, have stressed the cooperation with their teammates, like a big family, I am very pleased to join. It is reported that the "family" to be near a good partner.相关的主题文章: