Huang Xiaoming starred in the city hunter, the Chinese version of the main men like to talk about be 小坂めぐる

Huang Xiaoming starred in "City Hunter" China version of male love approached beauty of Huang Xiaoming’s news according to Japanese media reports, on behalf of the Japanese cartoonist Houjyo Ji as one of the "City Hunter" in China was adapted into a movie, actor Huang Xiaoming will play the hero Han Yu Liang, and served as a producer, Stanley Tong will serve as executive producer and director. Release date is tentatively scheduled for December 2018. Comic "City Hunter" from 1985 to 1991 in the Shueisha magazine "weekly Shonen JUMP" on the series. As of 2015 ushered in the 30 anniversary of the world’s total circulation has more than 50 million copies, highly praised by readers. "City Hunter" was the hero named Yu Liao, China, introduction and mistranslated as Han Liang Yu using so far, nicknamed "City Hunter", usually love to wear a red vest, wearing blue suit dress coat and black dress pants; love beauty, approached to play kiss; careless and casual, cynical personality to become his unique charm. "City Hunter" comic original for this major cooperation, Mr. Houjyo Ji also hopes the original author, specially sent to the precious Autographed original comics as a gift. At the same time, the "City Hunter" by his hand picked Huang Xiaoming in Han Liang Yu full of expectation.相关的主题文章: