Railway flying tiger, Jackie Chan, Huang, 20 degrees below zero to pick up the train 纪元1701

The "Flying Tiger" Jackie Chan Huang Zitao 20 degrees below zero PA train Sina entertainment news is 20 degrees below zero, and locomotive 100 tons of filming is what kind of experience? By Jackie Chan starring, director Ding Cheng, Huang Zitao, Wang Kai, Wang Dalu, sang Ping, Wu Yonglun starred in the action comedy "Flying Tiger" railway in December 30th last year. Today, the film side issued a "pa train" featurette, Jackie Chan, Wang Kai, Wang, Huang Zitao rate et al battle in the northeast and train 20 degrees below zero. Action effect to lose the real cool, Jackie Chan particularly strict requirements on the actors, Huang Zitao exposes a jump train play NG to collapse, Wang Kai and Wang, said in 20 degrees below zero environment hit "suspected of life". How thrilling is the fancy steak train? Jackie Chan mad child small yellow meat Zitao jumped from the train NG to collapse, as everyone knows, Jackie Chan’s eldest brother is the best use of props, create new fighting style and comedy. The "Flying Tiger", train action is undoubtedly the biggest attraction, Jackie Chan and JC group for the hollowing out of mind. Just take train this one detail, a class on the design of a variety of ways, slide onto the train, train, train grilled grilled bamboo skateboard, to the Flying Tigers every action can surprise the audience. Design onto the train appears to be simple, the actual shooting is in "hard", the director Ding Sheng said: "on the train speed slide onto the train, the judge needs to be calculated very accurately, from the slide slide will have a vacant time, is central to the falling on the train. If the slide or slip early late, will fall into the two cut seam inside the train." Jackie Chan said, "the" Flying Tiger "natural style drama play, action effect not only to achieve the cool, and without losing the true sense, the action can not be too exaggerated. The stars no less "abuse", Huang Zitao said: "there is a jump train show, big brother said I jump a little like a martial arts film of the time, does not meet the expense of the train jump method, NG many times, finally the whole people quickly collapsed." Locomotive and 100 tons of film has many horror? Potential energy is too big Jackie Chan did not dare close to the first day of the group into the group was shocked to shoot the real effect of the train, the crew of two tons of the transformation of the locomotive head of the more than and 100 Wang Kai. "What is the concept of 100 tons? We need to use two of the most powerful crane, in order to put the locomotive, just off the train track, "said Ding Sheng. This scene, so that the memory of Wang Kai deep, just into the group, to see a few large cranes to lift the train up, put out a few sections of the twist of the car, was suddenly shocked." Really do is train props, bold vision director Ding Sheng, the real shooting, was found to underestimate the risk degree and the real train filming: the train did not start to predict potential is good, we get married please class brothers shooting experiment, that is very dangerous. The train at 30 mph, may be how to use the car on the road you don’t think so, but when a large volume of locomotive whistling, 5 meters high and 30 miles too fast. You don’t dare to be close to two meters." 20 degrees below zero相关的主题文章: