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6 scientists from Mars return, said the Mars mission can be achieved – Sohu morning news reporter Xu Huifen comprehensive report on how to live on Mars? The 6 scientists who have just returned from Mars may be able to tell you. Local time 28 days, the 6 scientists over the Mauna Loa volcano one-year Mars simulation life in Hawaii, from the good state of their foreign show, in the Martian life does not seem too bad. 6 scientists "back to earth" local time 28 days, "" welcome back to earth in cheers, 6 scientists from the United States, Germany and France have stepped out for a whole year’s dome, "returned to earth". Last August 29th, they entered the Mauna Loa volcano is located in the Hawaii dome, officially opened a one-year "Hawaii space exploration simulation experiment. Hawaii’s Mauna Loa volcano is considered one of the most close to Mars in the living environment of the region. The area more than 2400 meters above sea level, is barren, almost barren. Scientists in the lava area of a diameter of 11 meters, high in the dome of the house 6 meters. The dome is airtight, through the recycling of indoor air, oxygen self-sufficiency. The dome is also equipped with solar panels for power supply. Inside the house, scientists have their own small room and can put down a small bed and table. Scientists daily life as far as possible, pretending to mars". If you need to get out of the dome, then the experimental group members must wear the suit; the members of this year eat most are frozen, water, such as cheese and canned tuna; contact with the outside world only email, and will be artificially delayed 20 minutes, to simulate space communication…… The psychological challenge of living on Mars is not so small, in the "Martian life for a year", the results? Ciprian, a member of the experimental group from the French scientist said: "my personal feeling is that in the near future, the Mars mission is possible, I think, regardless of technology or physical obstacles can be overcome." According to reports, the experimental team successfully obtained water from the dry environment. "In fact, from the seemingly dry land, but also can get water, on Mars, it can work." Christian from Germany is also full of confidence on Mars mission. For members of the experimental group, life on Mars, the psychological challenge is not small. Christian said that the biggest enemy of living in "Mars" is depressed, people learn to accommodate each other, can not do this, don’t go. Experts believe that a major challenge to the human landing on Mars is a long journey, because astronauts can only stay in a small space, there is no privacy, there may be conflict. Johnson, chairman of the Australian Association of Mars? Clark in an interview with British media also said that because of the narrow space, also need to live together, and so any to live on Mars had a good grasp of the skills of communication with others. "You have to spend more than a few months with the team, but for years. The team will eventually become like a family.相关的主题文章: