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600 yuan to a patient? Xu Yucai said to the heavily – grading treatment for Sohu Sohu health network source singularity Xu Yucai September 13th, health news "Jiangxi Xinyu: the transfer of patients per person award 600 yuan" has caused a concern. Health Planning Commission of Jiangxi Province, Xinyu health care reform speech is so: the basic level of 400 yuan per person per day according to the standard, given by the financial subsidies. Encourage the higher level of hospital patients will be eligible for the next turn down referral, according to 600 yuan per person to give incentives, incentive funds given by the municipal budget arrangements." To tell the truth, Jiangxi Xinyu City, the new economic stimulus is a little scary. First, we need to understand why Xinyu to do so, we first look at the importance of grading clinics in health care reform policy. 2009, the state launched a new health care reform, to solve the masses difficult to see a doctor, expensive as the main objective of the solution. The main performance is the difficulty of grassroots medical institutions "grassroots service ability is poor, can not see the disease, large hospital overcrowding, a state of war continued, traffickers rampant, patients do not live the house. When the general secretary of Jiangsu to investigate research, a big city hospital state of war can no longer continue, the difficulty of seeing a doctor in the reality of the governments at all levels, especially in front of health care policy makers. The NPC and CPPCC on 2015, Premier Li Keqiang’s government work report once again clearly proposed to deepen the comprehensive reform of primary health care institutions, to strengthen the GPS system construction, improve the classification and treatment system". In September 2015, the general office of the State Council issued the "guiding opinions on promoting the construction of clinics grading system" (No. 2015, No. 70) this is the introduction of the national level of the first full deployment of grading treatment work guidance documents. The proposed construction of clinics grading system to follow the law of medical science, in accordance with the people-oriented, voluntary, urban and rural, innovation mechanism principle, focus on improving the service ability of primary health care, "" the breach is a common disease, chronic disease". 2016, the prime minister’s work report once again made it clear that, to be carried out in 70% of the city to carry out grading pilot". However, from the National Health Planning Commission in 2015 statistical bulletin shows that the level of medical services in primary medical institutions is not only significantly lower than the growth rate of large hospitals, but also showed a further decline in the trend. This fully shows that the classification of diagnosis and treatment work did not achieve the desired results. Grading diagnosis and treatment of embarrassing and hard work. From August 19, 2016 to 20, the national health and health conference, the speech of general secretary Xi Jinping requirements, we must focus on promoting the construction of basic medical and health system, a breakthrough in efforts in the diagnosis and classification system and the modern hospital management system, medical insurance system, drug supply security system, comprehensive supervision system of 5 basic medical health system construction, classification and treatment the system is in the first place. Perhaps it is based on the urgency of the situation, as the country’s second batch of public hospital reform pilot cities, Xinyu out of this ruthless recruit. We need to understand the second question is: 600 yuan reward to whom? This way is reasonable.相关的主题文章: