A small lion sheep lead sister for a lazy sheep-若槻ゆうか

A small lion sheep lead sister for a lazy sheep original title: Lion sheep to lead sister Xinhua news agency after the end of last year the Russian Primorye wild zoo "Brotherhood" create a great sensation of the tiger Yang, recently at a farm in the Russian Republic of Dagestan and staged a "crossover" friendship drama. A 6 month old little lion named Martha became the leading sister of a group of lambs". Martha was responsible for greeting the "sleeping" lambs every day. According to farmer Beck, the little lambs were not afraid of Martha. They had been playing happily for 5 months, so far, they were not "red faced"". Biro Beck introduction, Martha is from his friends at that time, only one month, can not find a suitable place, byRO Beck decided to put Martha on the sheepfold next to the cage. But Martha helplessly Zhichizhiyao shed little lamb to play, it seems the mood is very bad. ByRO Beck think, why not let them together? Although some crazy idea, but for the "innocence" of Martha and lamb, he felt it should not happen what outrageous things. The little lion who regained his freedom finally ended the day that he had crossed the fence with the lambs, and chased around the sheep all day long. It is the sheep, since Martha entered the sheepfold, never lazy to sleep. Every time one laid down, Martha would run over and greet them with his paws. But the lambs were not afraid of Martha, nor did Martha ever hurt them. But Beck also said Martha Biro, with partner and sheep age, they still have to be separated. "Martha needs to learn to be alone, and ultimately it needs to be like a lion."." He said. Editor: Joe’s SN098

小狮子成羊群带头大姐 专治懒羊   原标题:小狮子成羊群“带头大姐”   新华社电 继去年底俄罗斯滨海边疆区野生动物园轰动一时的虎羊“兄弟情”之后,近日在俄罗斯达吉斯坦共和国的一个农场里又上演了一出“跨界”友情大戏。一头名叫玛莎的6个月大的小狮子成了一群羔羊的“带头大姐”。   玛莎每天负责帮主人“招呼”那些睡懒觉的小羊。据农场主拜罗贝克介绍,小羔羊们并不怎么害怕玛莎,大家愉快地玩耍快5个月了,至今还没“红过脸”。   拜罗贝克介绍,玛莎是朋友送给他的,当时只有一个月大,找不到合适的地方,拜罗贝克决定把玛莎先放在羊圈旁边的笼子里。但玛莎眼巴巴望着咫尺之遥的羊圈里小羔羊们玩耍,似乎情绪很不好。拜罗贝克想,为什么不让它们在一起呢?虽然想法有些疯狂,但是对于“两小无猜”的玛莎和小羊们,他觉得应该不会发生什么“出格”的事情。   重获自由身的小狮子终于结束了与羔羊们“隔栏”相望的日子,整天围着羊群追来赶去,乐此不疲。倒是小羊们,自从玛莎进入羊圈以后,再也不能“懒洋洋”地睡懒觉了。每次一躺下,玛莎就会跑过来用爪子“招呼”它们。但是羔羊们并不害怕玛莎,玛莎也从来没有伤害过它们。   但拜罗贝克也说,随着玛莎和羊伙伴年龄的增长,它们还是要被分开。“玛莎需要学会独处,它最终还是要像狮子一样生活。”他说。 责任编辑:乔雷华 SN098相关的主题文章: