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South Korea cosmetic dye sampling unqualified half   heavy metal exceed the standard 30 times – Fujian channel — original title: Korean cosmetic dye sampling unqualified half part of heavy metals exceed the standard 30 times before the date of the Korea consumer agency publish quality sampling inspection report shows that 25 kinds of semi permanent makeup dye products circulation on the market in South Korea (eyebrow, the liner) 12 kinds of products, the heavy metal content exceed the standard in different degrees, 30 times of heavy metal content of some products even more than the standard value of the individual, a carcinogen exceed the standard 5 times. Because Korean cosmetics are favored by many Chinese consumers, look at the semi permanent cosmetics you are using. Are these brands?. A carcinogen exceed the standard 5 times network selling goods unqualified packaging we often say that the eyebrow, Eyeliner belong to the semi permanent makeup, the makeup technology using special tools inject dye between the epidermis and dermis, the dye will stay a long time in the skin, so the safety of products is very important. Most of the products were produced in South Korea, including 2 kinds of products, cadmium content and arsenic content exceeded the standard 3 times, 5 times, cadmium and arsenic by international cancer research institutions classified as first class carcinogens. In addition to the quality problems, all sampling products are not in accordance with the specifications of the external packaging labels, and no product name, composition, production time and other information. These sample products include the top three brands of online sales. Fake and inferior products caused by the increase in the number of side effects, visual impairment of consumers, illegal production of products, illegal certification of products has been visible in South korea. Not long ago, South Korean police seized a company that smuggled, circulated, undocumented, semi permanent cosmetic creams. The company’s products have even flowed into some plastic hospitals in the south of the Yangtze River in korea. Some illegal beauty salons use products more secure, with chemical pigments and other materials randomly deployed, then put into use. South Korea and semi permanent makeup related injuries in recent years, gradually increased, only in the first half of this year, up to 12. Many consumers suffer from pain, inflammation, etc. After accepting semi permanent makeup, and even severe visual impairment. The reason why the semi permanent cosmetic industry is so chaotic is that the market demand is strong and the supervision is weak and chaotic. The main reason is the disconnection between the legal supervision and the actual situation of the market. Because semi permanent makeup will cause trauma on the skin, so in Korea is a medical beauty category, subject to medical law constraints, only medical institutions to provide services. But the survey shows that Korean consumers believe that semi permanent makeup technology is difficult, high requirements for design, should belong to cosmetic category, more willing to accept the service in cosmetic institutions. Strong market demand has led to a number of illegal semi permanent cosmetic institutions in korea. This situation makes the regulatory weakness, caused by illegal molecules take advantage of some sinister. In recent years, Korean cosmetics, or fake factories, have been sought after by many domestic women in addition to semi permanent makeup products. A lot of Chinese tourists bought goods from Korea came back, people familiar with the situation said 韩国化妆染料抽检近半不合格 部分重金属超标30倍–福建频道–人民网 原标题:韩国化妆染料抽检近半不合格 部分重金属超标30倍   韩国消费者院日前发布品质抽样检验报告显示,韩国市面上流通的25种半永久化妆染料产品中(文眉、文眼线),12种产品的重金属含量不同程度超标,部分产品的重金属含量甚至超过标准值的30倍,个别一级致癌物超标达5倍。由于韩国化妆品受到不少中国消费者的青睐,快看看你用的半永久化妆品是不是这些品牌。   一级致癌物超标达5倍   网络热销品包装不合格   我们常说的文眉、文眼线等都属于半永久化妆,这种化妆技术通过专用工具将染料注入表皮层和真皮层之间,由于染料会长时间停留在皮肤内,所以产品的安全性十分重要。这次问题产品大多数为韩国产,其中有2种产品的镉含量和砷含量分别超过了标准的3倍、5倍,镉和砷被国际癌症研究机构划分为一级致癌物。   除质量问题外,所有抽样产品在外包装标示上都不符合规范,没有标注产品名称、成分、生产时间等信息。这些抽样产品中包括了网络销量排名前三的品牌产品。   伪劣品致副作用案例增多   消费者出现视力障碍   非法生产产品、走私未获认证产品的情况在韩国屡屡可见。不久前,韩国警方就查获了一家走私、流通无证半永久化妆麻醉剂的公司。这家公司的产品甚至流入了韩国江南区的一些整形医院。一些非法美容院所使用的产品更没有保障,用化学色素等原料随便调配后便投入使用。   韩国与半永久化妆有关的受害案例近年来逐渐增多,仅今年上半年就达12起。不少消费者接受半永久化妆后出现了痛症、发炎等情况,严重的甚至出现视力障碍。   市场需求旺盛   监管无力乱象丛生   造成半永久化妆行业如此混乱的原因,主要是法律监管和市场实际情况的脱节。由于半永久化妆会在皮肤上造成创伤,所以在韩国属于医疗美容范畴,受到医疗法的约束,只有医疗机构才能提供服务。   但调查显示,韩国消费者认为半永久化妆技术难度低,对设计的要求高,应属于化妆范畴,更愿意在化妆美容机构接受服务。旺盛的市场需求使韩国出现了很多属于违法的半永久化妆美容机构。这种情况使监管变得无力,造成一些黑心的非法分子有机可乘。   “爆款”韩国化妆品   或出自造假工厂   近年来,除半永久化妆产品外,韩国一些其他化妆品也受到国内很多女性朋友的追捧。知情人士透露,很多中国游客从韩国购买的商品,回来之后往往会觉得可能不太对。因为在韩国,很多包括首尔明洞的一些门店,和一些类似于像中国的集合店,其实老板都是个人的,他们的进货渠道也不是很稳定。   由于一些款式的韩国化妆品受到消费者的热捧,时常会出现断货的现象。因此在韩国,一些不法商贩也会出现制假售假的现象。韩国也有新闻登出来查处了很多制假工厂,专门制一些爆款产品的制假工厂,然后分销到底下。 因此海关提示消费者,购买进口商品,尤其是购买食品、化妆品一类的物品一定要通过正规渠道购买,以免买到假货,损害身体健康。 (责编:吴舟、施云娟)相关的主题文章: