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Automobiles Car technology has undergone enormous development over the last twenty years. Back in the 1980s, few people could have imagined how today’s vehicles would look, much less operate. Cars are now equipped with features such as lane-change warning systems, sensors, and adaptive cruise control. These features, and others, make the driving experience safer, more .fortable, and more convenient. This evolution in automotive design is due partly to the effort of automakers to cater to families with young children. Such consumers have specific needs. They also represent the next generation of customers, which is why car manufacturers have made young families a priority in the design of their fleets. This article will describe a few of the most useful and engaging features. Rear View Camera Our vehicles have steadily grown bigger over the last decade. SUVs have replaced many of the smaller sedans that once filled the roads. Unfortunately, the bigger the vehicle, the larger the blind spot, which makes backing up dangerous. Many people have been hurt or killed because drivers were unable to see them near the rear of their SUVs. It was for this reason that rear view cameras were invented. They allow motorists to view the area within their blind spot at the rear of their vehicles. The camera is typically located in the bumper, and transfers video images to a monitor installed in the dashboard, or to the rear view mirror. This prevents backover accidents. When you purchase an SUV, these systems are usually offered as part of a larger feature-rich package. You can also buy such systems individually; plan to spend approximately $300. Extra, Convenient Seating With multiple kids in tow, extra seating is extremely convenient. In larger vehicles, this means installing a third row. Your children will have plenty of room to spread out without annoying each other, which is a boon to parents. An aftermarket third row will normally cost under $1,000. Creative seating configurations have also been designed to provide more convenience for families. For example, minivans have been equipped with swivel chairs for years. These seats allow parents to swing their seats around rather than yelling over their shoulder. If you already own an SUV or crossover, and want to install swivel chairs, plan to pay more than $1,000. Anti-Lock Brakes And Traction Control Anti-lock brake systems (ABS) are designed to prevent your tires from locking up when you hit the brake pedal. This is important because you will lose control of your car if your tires lock and you begin to skid. By preventing this from happening, anti-lock brakes help you maintain control while bringing your car to a quick stop. They usually .e standard on vehicles, but can be added aftermarket for under $400. Traction control (TC) is designed to prevent your tires from slipping on the road. Without this feature, vehicles (especially large ones) are susceptible to slipping out of control when drivers accelerate and turn. With electronic stability control systems, sensors monitor the rotation speed of the drive wheels. If one is spinning more quickly than the others, the system engages the brake on that wheel. This helps the driver regain control. If your vehicle lacks this feature, it can usually be installed aftermarket for under $700. Entertainment System Years ago, parents kept their kids entertained on the road by singing songs and listening to the radio. Those tactics have given way to more advanced options. A DVD system can be installed in the back seat, allowing moms and dads to focus on getting to their destination. These systems .e equipped with multiple screens and auxiliary inputs for headphones. That way, parents can allow their children to "plug in" while enjoying a little peace behind the wheel. The downside is that they are still relatively expensive. An aftermarket installation may cost up to $2,000 (or more). Automotive design will continue to evolve as consumers demand more safety, .fort, and convenience on the road. It is likely that family-friendly features will still play a major role. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: