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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Since the time of its foundation till now, there have been lots of fantastic collection and timepieces launched by the brand. It is Raymond Weil’s dedication and determination which is continuously modernize their watches and provide fresh and exciting timepieces that has given them a top position in the list of finest watch .pany’s in the world. The passion of watches can be seen among generation of every age. Watches have all the elements of precision, quality, reliability, nobility and other technology in materials. There are several brands which confers its watch making legitimacy and Raymond Weil is one of those. The brand was founded in 1976 by Raymond Weil itself who is the present chairman of the .pany, in Geneva, Switzerland. The industry basically famous for manufacturing watch. But along with this, its fashion accessories and timing devices are also fantastic. Raymond Weil produces luxury timepieces for both men as well as women. The models are in latest designs and use noble material such as 18 ct gold and diamonds of high quality. Their models lies in the range from stainless steel quartz model to an 18 ct pink gold. Some watches are made up of automatic winding of titanium and carbon fibre mechanical. Their watches are popular among buyers for its elegant design and their .fortable feeling on the wrist. The brand carefully proceed its skills of making watches that reflects in the development of its material, in art of craftsmen and all stages of production and assembly. Raymond provide specific care to its watches in order to .bine modernity, refinement and ergonomics. For the increment in terms of quality of the brand, Raymond Weil decided on the designs of the products first collections. After this he personally introduced the collections to his prospective distributors in Europe. Raymond jumped on the opportunity at a time when the Swiss watch industry was at a bit of turmoil. In 1982, Olivier Bernheim, son-in-law of Raymond Weil’s son-in-law, joined the .pany. It was perfect timing because the .pany was at a point where it needed to evolve into the .petitive world of watches with a global organization. Olivier was perfect for the brand because of its managerial skills. To start with he was taking the charge of the marketing and .munications, which soon evolved into several new markets over the globe. The different luxurious watch store of Raymond Weil in India is selling a new range of watches. After 10 years, by launching Othello collection, the .pany has celebrated its anniversary in 1986, which was a .bination of avant-garde technology and refined design. The ultra-thin timepiece played out to be a significant piece for the .pany because of its brilliantly crafted design and its symbolism of creative impudence. The fantastic Traviata collection was launched in 1988, again bringing to life the impeccable innovation of Raymond Weil. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: