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Branding In the words of Wikipedia, branding is defined as is a name, term, design, symbol or other feature that distinguishes one seller’s product from those of others. However, in reality, branding is not confined to this definition. It goes beyond. It is all about customer experience. May it be the logo, motto, website, social media page, the way you respond and the way you handle your staff and customers. Basically, it is about the image you built in consumers” minds. In any business branding plays a crucial role. It helps present the product to the user and creating a space in their minds. Truly, people eat brands, wear brands, listen brand and no one discuss something they can’t identify. In short, good branding helps gain more business. Now let us go further to understand the benefits of branding. It helps getting recognized As already said people live with brands. May it be Nike, Adidas, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Mcdonald’s, etc. Every brand has its image in the minds of the people. You take the name and they can relate the product with it. People buy from .panies that they have heard of and are familiar with. If your brand is easily recognizable, then people may find it easier to buy your products. Brand give you upper hand than your .petitors Of course, an identified product always have the upper hand than the unidentifiable. The brand helps you above your .petitors may it be in the global or local market. Brand reflects your .mitment A good brand reflects you and your .mitment towards the market. It represents your promise (your product) that you are going to deliver in the market. It is important to understand how customer is looking you and what do they say about you. A positive word helps strengthen the position in the market and your image. Brand is more than just business People know the product by its brand. Again, if we take about the previous example, they may not know the number of employees at Mcdonalds, its factory, its working process, but they can identify Mcdonalds as a brand that delivers burger. Now it does not mean that only big .panies can gain the market because they have bigger budgets for branding. The new.ers or the local seller can also capture their market by promoting their products with simple, but consistent graphics along with the quality of the product. For example, if we discuss the local food eateries, they need not necessarily deliver the products in plain bags or boxes. The bags or wrapping papers can be printed with basic information about the outlet and consistent prints in even a single colour can lead to creating an image about brand in the minds of the people. The foundation of your brand is your logo, .pany name, your taglines and images that .municate your brand. So all your website, packaging and promotional materials should contain the consistent added value to reflect your brand. Consistent strategic branding allows you to charge more for your brand than unbranded products. Let’s take an example of restaurant branding -for this the restaurant will print or purchase napkins, food wrappers etc. and will brand them with .pany name, logo and perhaps the slogan of the .pany. The goal of all this branding is to remind your guest where they ate the most delicious burger/wrap/special dish ever. Giving a beautifully wrapped gifts, food, products, boxes etc. makes a lasting impression similarly presenting your brand in a presentable and consistent manner gives your business a good impression and happiness among customers. You are a small business or a large corporation is doesn’t matter you don’t have to mega-bucks to take advantage of the branding opportunities. Here, the food wrapping paper industries can be a good help for the sellers like food joints, restaurants, cafes to get their business tags printed on the food wrapping paper of high quality, where the ink used on the paper is of food grade quality so that the food is not contaminated with the chemicals of the prints. In short, we can say that no matter it is a new venture, small business or even big names everyone needs branding to be identifiable by the consumers and to enhance their business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: