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Interior-Decorating .fortable bedding is always of value.Whether you have your night sleep or just an afternoon nap on the couch, a cozy covering will always make you feel great. Nowadays there are a lot of bedding styles on the market at different prices. Let’s say a word about the patchwork quilts. The History of patchwork quilting is quite ambiguous. Proves of patchwork sewing have been found in ancient Egypt. In China soldiers put on quilted cloths under their armors. It wasn’t until the 1600 when patchwork knitting became popular in Europe and more specifically in Great Britain.Young women in England had to learn to sew their own clothes and bedding. At this time, patchwork needlework was a .mon leisure activity for girls. Married women created quilted blankets from old useless cloths to create .fortable bedding for their families. Patchwork quilting developed and became popular in America after the early 19th century. Nowadays creating patchwork quilts is rather an entertaining activity.It has started as housework, but now women and men of all ages and social classes, all over the world, are having fun while creating patchwork quilts. Patchwork .forter has its sentimental value too. It is preferred gift for family and friends by many fans of the patchwork quilting around the world. So, it is a good idea to create a beautiful handmade quilt or cushion for someone you love or for yourself. Patchwork quilts consists of three layers – two outer layers and a filling of wadding. All you need is threads, needles and different patches to sew together. Let your imagination do the work. Just make sure that the two outer layers can be sewn together. Decide what size your quilt will be and stick to the measures. The length and the width of the two outer layers must .e together. If you think the patchwork quilting is too much for you, search for a decorative bedding on the market.You have this great opportunity to buy unique patchwork bedding by an e-retailer. There are so many patchwork styles for kids and adults – abstract, floral, geometric, you name it. Pick your best pattern and make a hit. Patchwork quilting is fun. If you haven’t tried it yet, consider it now. It’s an easy and amusing job. If you don’t have enough time, you can always search for a shop that offers patchwork quilts and cushions. Create harmonious atmosphere at your precious home. If you have any other suggestions on the topic, share them now! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: