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UnCategorized Like many homeowners my wife and I have experienced the problem of a clogged drain in the shower. After about a year of living in our house we started noticing that the drain was not working as quickly as it was when we moved in and then it just stopped draining altogether. We have been using a liquid cleaner to help with the clog, but .es back every two to three weeks and we a now calling in a plumber to do a .plete drain cleaning. Portland residents that face similar concerns with their drains know the frustration of finishing up in the shower and standing ankle deep in water that refuses to drain from the tub. Because my wife and I both shower daily the drain has be.e backed up hair and residue from shampoo and soap. As the hair is wet it mats up and tangles on itself. With a little more hair adding to the clog each morning the drain has be.e backed up and the water has a difficult time passing through and around the congested pipe. By calling in a professional drain cleaner Portland homeowners are able to have their plumbing snaked out and all of the hair and other goop that sticks in the drain are cleared away so that the pipes can do their job of carrying the used water down to the sewer lines. Where we live the problem of hard water, that is full of minerals, is adding to the congestion in the pipeline. As the hair that is washed away, the drain begins to back up the mineral deposits in the water add to the congestion by clinging to the trapped strands of matted hair. As the clog grows the water that is passing has a harder time making its way through the plumbing until it stops draining .pletely. At this point the water from the shower has nowhere to go and backs up into the tub. For us the problem has been one of cleaning out the drain with a liquid cleansing product, but since the problem has persisted we have found that it saves time and money to call in a professional and have the plumbing totally cleared out. In Portland drain cleaning professionals are available to help homeowners to deal with the congestion that builds up in their home’s plumbing. For houses, apartments and office buildings the problems with a clogged drain is all too familiar. Once debris is caught in the pipes it continues to grow until the drain is so clogged that nothing can pass through it. But by calling in a drain cleaning specialist Portland residents can go back to showering with clean plumbing that quickly drains their tub. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: