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Jewelry-Diamonds There are many wrist watch manufacturers available today. If you go to the market to buy a timepiece for yourself, you may get confused when you come across the brands. You may not know which one to go for. Different brands have different specialties and so you would have a tough time to decide your brand. Some of the popular watch brands that have made a special place in the hearts of watch lovers include Citizen, Luminox, Movado, Hamilton and Ball watches. Each of the different brands has a wide range of timepieces available. Each is different from one another in pattern, style and design. These brands not only manufacture wrist watches for men but also for women. Moreover, each of the brands have their own history and now in this article we will focus our attention to the history of the two top most brands Ball and Hamilton watches. The history of these popular brands will surely interest you. History of Ball watches Webster Clay Ball is the man behind the establishment of the Ball watch company. It was him who set up a shop in 1891 in Ohio. During those days people across US kept local time. After the standard time was set up, the time zone enlarged. Then under Ball’s supervision time signals in Ohio was created and this bought time accuracy in the city. His works made him the Chief Inspector of Lake Shore Lines. The Superintendent of lines wanted him to study the time issues and record the watch usage on lines to produce a system of inspection. The line actually suffered a fatal accident during those days and this could have been avoided if there would have been a proper timepiece in place. After Ball became an employee of Lines, he created a complex national network that included Mexico and Canada. The replica wrist watches worn by rail workers were examined twice in a month where variations of not more than 30 seconds were allowed. This watch brand had a great impact on the safety of the nation’s railways. Ball was acknowledged for his contributions and in keeping millions of railway riders safe. His work is still influencing the railways today. History of Hamilton watches Hamilton Watch Company manufactured pocket watches in 1892. The company had their factory located in Pennsylvania. Until 1908 the brand was popular for making reliable railroad watches. After 1908, Hamilton started manufacturing pendant watches for ladies. During the last phases of First World War, the company even started introducing wrist watches for ladies that were available with variations of pendant watch. It was in the year 1922 that wrist watches for men were introduced in the market by Hamilton. The watches manufactured for men were unique and stylish and it was from then the brand gained popularity in the market. The wrist watches manufactured by Hamilton offered great precision, unique designs, rugged toughness and water resistant capability. Even today, the brand carries with it these distinctive features. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: