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Travel-and-Leisure India is one of the most acknowledged tourist destination in the world. The diverse Indian geography makes it a favored destination for all kind of tourists. India successfully fulfills the expectation of tourist that arrive here. It offers all kind of tourism options to the vacationers around the globe. India is very famous for its royal tradition and ancient history. It is the mother land of many great freedom fighters and social workers who sacrificed their lives for noble causes. People across the world want to explore India to understand the reason behind the legacy. India is full of beautiful lakes, mountains, hills, rivers, historical forts, monuments, backwaters, gardens, jungles, architectural building, etc. There are number of Places to Visit in India. Almost each state has more or less tourist attraction sites. Nature lover can take a trip of southern India but those who are keen to know about the Indian legacy must stick to northern part. North India Tour will help you know about the regality of India as the areas were under the dominance of royal Rajput warriors and soldiers. To understand the regality of Indian history, you must opt for Rajasthan Tours. Rajasthan is famously called Land of the Kings. The Indus Valley Civilization, one of the world’s first and oldest civilizations was found in Rajasthan. Most notable rural like Rana Sanga, Maharana Pratap Singh, Raja Jai Singh, Prithviraj Chauhan were some of the brave kings of Rajasthan. Even the silent forts and fortresses depict the royalty and bravery of the then rulers. If you visit the heritage hotels found in almost all major cities of the state, you can understand the luxury they were availing. The cuisine full of butter and spices will make you a know how of the taste of the brave soldiers. The architectural brilliance of the forts and palaces will reflect their aesthetic sense. Rajasthan is truly rich in history and culture. The brevity of the males and softness of the female of Rajasthan can not be seen again. It is wonderful to know that how can such delicate women make their sons so brave and strong. But, indeed they did and this is the only reality. To know more about them make plan today to visit the place. Besides learning about the ancient India, you can also explore some of the best India Tourist Destinations here. Rajasthan is equally rich in flora and fauna. There are many national parks in this royal state. However, if you interested in freedom history of India then you can spend sometime in Gujarat also to know about Bapu, the person behind independence of India. You can also visit the birth place of Rajendra Prasad, Bhim Rao Ambedkar, Subhash Chandra Bose, Mangal Pandey and other brave leaders. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: