A village nearly 30 people died of cancer and pollution question should straighten the Sohu comments borderland

A village nearly 30 people died of cancer and pollution question should straighten Sohu comments according to reports, ten years, in order to give the 2 daughter suffering from leukemia (including daughter death) for a fair, Hebei farmer Feng Jun in action on the road farther and farther, many repeatedly v.. He believes that her daughter’s illness and death, and local industrial pollution related. According to the Feng Jun formulation, the eldest daughter died before 2006, they took home 40 m deep wells sample inspection report shows that water containing arsenic exceed the standard 2.95 times, manganese exceed the standard 3.8 times. But from the county to the city’s environmental protection departments to give relevant water pollution monitoring reports, are qualified. 2 daughters are suffering from leukemia, a village died nearly 30 people, Feng Jun village where the cancer patients, whether with the corporate emissions are not necessarily related, now more evidence is needed to determine the chain. In fact, this case exposed the official EIA monitoring, and people’s concerns, and seriously ill, and so can not fully trust the relationship. The lack of trust, and the official monitoring can not provide compelling monitoring data, there is a certain relationship. Originally, the local authorities found the testing data and Feng Jun’s own data provided a huge deviation, the first reaction should not stick to their data is correct, but for both data difference causes. In other words, for a large area of the village when a serious illness, we should first suspect that such an anomaly is associated with environmental pollution, and the chain of evidence should be inferred from the conclusions of scientific authority. Unfortunately, the local villagers questioned and many life misfortune, the local departments are basically adhere to the "environmental impact report approval procedures" as the basis for detecting refused further. In fact, this insistence, but deepened the doubts of local villagers. Objectively speaking, the official test data, may not necessarily have deliberately intended to do so, but do not rule out, the official test must be a report of scientific authority. Especially for official and private data report was the same, if local officials can detection in addition to the provisions of the program, some more detection channels, more communication and folk confirmation, such trust may fall, will not be so large; provide each other in court in the data, will not differ so much. More than that from previous years, the high incidence of cancer in the village, so far, the real problem by the local departments of active monitoring out, almost unheard of. The vast majority of the number of civil life in the village after the accumulation, it was found that some of the situation is not good". This shows that China’s environmental monitoring, has not yet formed an abnormal situation associated with environmental pollution monitoring mechanism. Out of the court of Feng Jun is not convinced and said, "when the heavy metal water come from? Why can’t judge take a look at the scene?" In fact, this question, when it should be by the environmental protection departments to straighten. Unfortunately, when it was brought to court 10 years later, Feng Jun was told that he did not even have a legal qualification, the tragedy of the matter is how it can not be wiped out. Liu Xuesong (media)相关的主题文章: